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Benefits of Buying A New Car

What are the advantages of buying a new car?

Depending on your age, you might remember a time when a cassette player was the expected norm in your car. Not long after that though, we evolved to having a front-loader CD player, and the hedonists among us had both — with a tape in the front and a 12-disc CD shuttle in the boot (yes, guilty as charged).

Now, we’re not saying that the benefits of buying a new car come down to how you listen to the beats you like, but it’s a pretty fair analogy. The rate at which innovative tech advances all around us is astounding, and it’s not lost on us how this impacts the perks of buying a new car too.

Pros Of Buying A New Car

When you’re in the market for a new car, it’s important to weigh up the best decision for you between the benefits of buying a brand new car versus a used car. What deal is best for your needs as an individual, an individual with a family, and of course — your budget.

The most obvious pros of buying a new car include:

  • Being the first owner and the peace of mind that you get from that,
  • A new car comes with a service and/or maintenance plan(s) which play to your advantage as far as running costs go — serving you well in the long run,
  • As with the audio equipment example, most modern cars come standard with the latest infotainment gadgets, engine technology, fuel efficiency rates and safety features, which helps offset your cost debate because of what you’re getting for your money

What to check when getting a new car?
Just as you took a test drive (no doubt!), you should do the same the day you take ownership of the car. The salesperson should at the very least, walk you through the readiness of your car. You don’t want to leave the showroom and realise on your joyride home that an indicator doesn’t work, the wheels aren’t balanced or the aircon gas wasn’t filled.

Why should I buy a new car rather than a used car?
A new car off the production line should rarely have any of these issues, but glitches happen, so make sure you’re taking advantage of the perks of buying a new car and that yours is brochure-perfection — and you’re the proud owner of it.

With five incredible models on offer from Subaru, we reckon the benefits of buying a new car will be made trickier, only because you have six ways to look! But no matter which model you choose, there’s one thing we’re selling across the board: Confidence in Motion!

Whether you are buying a car cash or finance, don’t worry Subaru’s got you. All our dealerships across the country are equipped to help you find the Subaru of your dreams. Book your test drive today, call us on +27 11 608 0116 or email info@subaru.co.za and a skilled member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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