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Subaru Vehicles

From sedans and SUVs to Crossovers and sportscars, our wide range of Subaru cars are designed to offer driving pleasure and power every time. Our brand vision is Confidence in Motion, and with every Subaru for sale from the Forester to the WRX, you can rest assured that it has been designed with safety, technology, and innovation at its core.

Our range of Subaru models are varied and each have a list of specs and features that are state-of-the-art. Whether you're looking for an SUV fit for a family of four or a powerful sportscar to deliver the performance you desire, find it now from the Subaru range in South Africa.

Subaru dealerships are located nationwide with knowledgeable sales consultants at the ready. They will happily take you through the specs of our full range of Subaru vehicles, or simply just the one you're interested in. Find a Dealership now.

Subaru Cars

How many types of Subaru cars are there?

Our range of Subaru cars each offer their own unique footprint when it comes to innovation. Each model is technologically advanced sporting high-tech features and safety specifications that make them some of the most comfortable and secure vehicles in the world.

Take a look at our Subaru range now:


Subaru WRX STI
  • FROM
  • The WRX STI offers the same advanced performance, cornering, precision and stability capabilities with an extra punch of power. The WRX STI is available in South Africa in the 2.5 High-boost turbocharged Petrol MT model. The WRX STI is an icon of history, etched in hearts of many.

    Keen to know more about the exterior and interior design, technology and safety features, accessories and model specifications of the WRX STI? Find out more


Subaru Impreza
  • FROM
  • Interior features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Voice Recognition capabilities allow you to have one of the most enjoyable and safe hands-free driving experiences in the Impreza. Dual-Zone Air Conditioning and Keyless Ignition offer a stylish and forward-thinking experience too. Safety feature likes the SAWD, superior visibility and class-leading active safety systems come standard on the Impreza. The 2018 Subaru Impreza raises the bar entirely when it comes to great driving performance and safety.

    Keen to know more about the exterior and interior design, technology and safety features, accessories and model specifications of the Impreza? Find out more


Subaru Forester
  • FROM R 699 000
  • The exterior and interior features of the Forester are designed for refined comfort giving both the driver and the passengers an exceptional driving experience. Symmetrical AWD comes standard in the Forester, which also boasts advanced X-Mode technology for difficult situations like snow, mud and dirt. An array of safety features like EyeSight pre-collision braking and Reverse Automatic Braking make the Forester one of the safest cars to drive on today’s busy roads.

    Keen to know more about the exterior and interior design, technology and safety features, accessories and model specifications of the Forester? Find out more


  • FROM R599 000
  • The Crosstrek is a new chapter in the Compact Crossover space here in South Africa. The all-new Crosstrek replaces the previous generation Subaru XV presented as the compact SUV within the Subaru SUV range next to the Forester and Outback. Where the XV and Crosstrek names were used separately in different markets around the world, the Crosstrek name has now been adopted worldwide, including here in South Africa. The name is coined from the words Crossover and Trekking, an impression into the car’s versatility and capability in a variety of terrains and environments.


Subaru Outback
  • FROM R815 000
  • Ruggedly equipped, the Subaru Outback can take you on almost any road you’d care to venture on, and the reliable Boxer engine with improved fuel consumption means you can go even farther too. Rugged in performance and appearance, the Outback is durable and able to traverse any trail. The Outback boasts superior levels of safety, a rock-solid reputation for accident avoidance and a combination of mechanical safety systems and next-generation technologies. It is by far one of the best choices in SUV’s for the active family who seeks adventure.

    Keen to know more about the exterior and interior design, technology and safety features, accessories and model specifications of the Outback? Find out more


Subaru WRX
  • FROM R832 000
  • Welcome to the all-new Subaru WRX. It’s the fifth model to wear the iconic WRX (World Rally eXperimental) nameplate. The new Subaru WRX represents the core values of the brand, meticulously engineered and built around the “ultimate in driving performance with greater safety” philosophy. It is WRX unlike any other before it. More refined. More luxurious. More dynamic. More Powerful. Find out more

Where do Subaru cars come from?

The origins of the maker of Subaru vehicles, Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), date back to the 1917 founding of the Nakajima Aircraft Co. Ltd. – in its day the largest aircraft manufacturer in Asia. In 2017, Fuji Heavy Industries changed its name to Subaru Corporation to reflect its new focus on automotive and aerospace sectors only.

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We promise Pure Driving Enjoyment. Subaru, Confidence in Motion.