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Subaru Services

When you buy a Subaru, you don’t simply get a world-class vehicle that offers pure driving enjoyment but you also get a choice of Subaru services and maintenance plans that will ensure peace of mind for the life span of the car. We offer excellent Service & Parts assistance to all Subaru drivers including an approved repair network across the country and Subaru car service centre’s that are both professional and efficient.

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Subaru Car Service

Where to service a Subaru Car?

Looking for a Subaru service centre near me? Check out our approved repair network dealers now with technicians that are trained to understand every nuance of your Subaru.

Approved Repair Network

Alongside Subaru’s Dealerships and Service Centre’s, we partner with a range of Subaru Repair Specialists trained to be able to service and repair your vehicle to the highest and most exact standards that Subaru demands. Are you asking yourself, where is there a Subaru Repair Shop near me? Well, take a look at our Subaru Repair Network list and find an approved specialist centre today

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Find out more about other departments in the Services & Parts section including;

Subaru Genuine Parts

Subaru genuine parts are original manufacturer equipment – the same components that were fitted when your car was built at the factory. Our genuine parts are developed meticulously and subjected to countless performance and quality tests at every stage. By choosing Subaru parts, fitted by your Subaru dealer’s skilled technicians, you are choosing to keep your Subaru’s performance, safety and reliability as good as new for total peace of mind.

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Subaru Service Booking

We make booking your Subaru in for a service easy thanks to our efficient Subaru service booking online form. You simply need to fill in a quick form online informing us of a few key details and your nearest Subaru dealership will be in touch with you.

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Subaru Parts Enquiry

Keep the performance of your Subaru at its best by always ensuring you buy original Subaru spare parts. We make it simple for your to do a Subaru Parts Enquiry, thanks to our easy and efficient online order form.

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How much does a Subaru service cost?

Are you wondering how much a Subaru service costs? There is no one-size-fits-all cost when it comes to vehicle servicing as it depends on the service being conducted, the mileage of the vehicle, and if any parts are damaged and need to be replaced. Contact your nearest dealer and Subaru service centre now and a qualified agent will gladly give you a quote for the service you are requiring.

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Test Drive a superior Subaru now

If you want to truly get a feel for the power and precision of Subaru, why not book yourself a test drive today? Simply fill in our easy online booking form, and a sales agent will be in touch to set up your test drive at your earliest convenience.

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Subaru – pure driving enjoyment.