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The Freedom to get on with life

All new Subaru’s are covered by our comprehensive Maintenance Plan to ensure your ownership experience is worry-free.

We give you peace of mind so that you can get on with life.

Maintenance Plan

Subaru offers one of the most comprehensive Maintenance Plans around. You can discuss our comprehensive Subaru maintenance plans with your nearest  Dealer or Service Centre and see just how determined we are to bring you peace of mind and Freedom when you drive one of our cars.

If your Freedom requires less travelling, all our new Subarus come with a standard three (3) Years or 75 000km Maintenance Plan. However, if your Freedom requires more travelling, we give you the option to extend your Subaru Maintenance Plan coverage to suit your needs.

Call your nearest dealership now if you need more information about the Subaru Maintenance Plan pricing and benefits.

Locate your nearest Subaru Dealership now.

Why buy a Subaru Maintenance Plan?

At Subaru, we offer Maintenance Plans designed to offer excellent coverage and peace of mind.

Look at our new vehicle plans on offer:

Three (3) Years or 75 000km Maintenance Plan

The Three (3) Years or 75 000km Maintenance Plan is standard on all new Subaru’s. This comprehensive plan is complementary.

The plan includes Subaru Assist, which comprises emergency, legal and map assistance.

The Standard plan can be extended to provide peace of mind for longer:

Four (4) Years or 105 000km Maintenance Plan

Five (5) Years or 120 000km Maintenance Plan

Five (5) Years or 150 000km Maintenance Plan

What Does the Subaru Maintenance Plan Cover?

All routine servicing of the vehicle per the manufacturer’s handbook is covered in the plan. The plan also covers all maintenance and mechanical repairs required due to normal wear and tear.

What is not covered?

The following items are not covered under the maintenance plan:

  • Petrol and top-up oil (between services)
  • Accident damage and insurance claims
  • Tyres and wheel alignment
  • Glass replacement
  • Abuse or negligence
  • Non-mechanical interior trim and paintwork
  • Repair to on-board entertainment such as audio systems
  • Repairs to non-factory components and any subsequent repairs or modifications

Please refer to your maintenance plan booklet for more details about the cover.

Below are some additional benefits of a Subaru Maintenance Plan:

  • You pay for tomorrow’s costs at today’s rates, avoiding inflation and price increases on parts and labour.
  • Maintenance plan extension costs can be included in your vehicle finance agreement, minimising its impact and unforeseen future expenses.
  • Only Subaru genuine parts are used, which come with a one-year warranty and are in full compliance with your vehicle’s warranty terms and conditions.
  • Services are conducted to the highest standards by trained Subaru technicians, who have extensive knowledge of your Subaru.
  • Vehicle value is enhanced at the time of resale.


Can I extend my coverage before the maintenance plan expires?

We offer Bolt-on Maintenance Plans for extra peace of mind.

Enjoy further Freedom and peace of mind with our Bolt-on maintenance plans, available on all used Subaru vehicles up to seven (7) years or 150 000km, whichever comes first.

Speak to your Subaru Dealer now and find out all you need to know. Locate your nearest Subaru Dealership now.

Service plans now available

We offer Bolt-on Service Plans to cover the costs of routine services. Our Service plan offers additional brake pad and remote battery cover; contact your Subaru Dealer now and find out all you need to know. Locate your nearest Subaru Dealership now.

Bolt-on Service Plans are available on all used Subaru vehicles up to seven (7) years or 195 000km, whichever comes first.