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How Many Subaru Models Are There?

The Subaru 1500 was the very first car manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries in 1953, which today is better known as the Subaru Corporation. Since then, Subaru has become a…

How Many Subaru Models Are There?

The Subaru 1500 was the very first car manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries in 1953, which today is better known as the Subaru Corporation. Since then, Subaru has become a car brand synonymous with engineering innovation and automotive safety.

Just how many Subaru models are there? To read an article on all Subaru models ever made, you’d need a few pages of information spanning the company’s illustrious design history that spans almost 70 years. So, instead, let’s go through a snapshot in time of some of the most well-known Subaru models to have hit the market over the years.

All Subaru Models Released to Date

Subaru Models 1950’s – 1970’s

During these decades, Subaru began manufacturing cars as Fuji Heavy Industries. The company produced the Subaru 1500 in 1954 and was its first prototype car so to speak. It was given the code name P1 by its creators.

The first big seller of the brand came in the form of the Subaru 360. This cute, zooty, two-door city car hit the shelves in 1958 and enjoyed a model run of over 12 years.

The Subaru Sambar was the company’s first cab-over-truck design, manufactured in 1961. It was specifically designed for the Japanese market and is, in fact, still in production.

The Subaru BRAT, or Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter” was the inspired coupe utility model manufactured by Subaru in 1978. It was an export-only model mainly sold in the UK, Canada, US and Australia until 1994.

Subaru Models 1980’s – 2010’s

The Subaru Alcyone SVX was the front-wheel drive coupe manufactured and distributed from 1991 to 1996. It was Subaru’s first dabble in the luxury car market and the SVX suitably impressed motorists for its aircraft-inspired curves.

The Legacy was introduced to market in 1998 in Japan in the USA in 2000. It was Subaru’s take on the safe, station wagon and enjoyed many accolades from drivers and reviewers alike.

In 2017 Fuji Heavy Industries officially changed their name to the Subaru Corporation, paving the way for the most innovative designs in safety and technology to come.

Subaru Models 2020

The first Forester design came out in 1997 and was the companies first attempt at the crossover SUV. Today, the 2020 Forester has been redesigned with superior comfort, durability and technology in mind.

The Outback first came to market in 1989 as an all-wheel drive merge between the Legacy and the Impreza. The 2020 Subaru Outback doesn’t hold back thanks to its sleek interiors and technologically-advanced capabilities.

The 2020 XV is well-loved as one of the most popular all-road, all-weather crossovers of our generation. First manufactured and introduced to market in 2012, the XV today offers larger boot space and the impressive all-wheel drive Subaru system.

A sedan car for the driver who wanted both power and pleasure behind the wheel, the Subaru Impreza first hit the global market in 1992. It has been redesigned in 2020 to ensure the Impreza’s track record of great driving performance and safety lives on.

Spinning off the Impreza’s design, the WRX was first designed by Subaru for the World Rally Championship in 1992. In 2015, the brand settled on the WRX as its own model apart from the Impreza with a different body being introduced. The 2020 WRX comes standard with exceptional stability and lighting quick responses. The WRX STI is like the WRX on steroids with a 2020 model design of the 2.5 High-boost Turbocharged petrol MT model available.

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