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Subaru Features: What Makes a Subaru Special?

What features make a Subaru special?

To convey what makes a Subaru special is an almost limitless task. For those with an emotive connection to their car, there’s the sense of adventure that comes with exploring the unworked trails of your country’s backyard in a car so jam-packed with Subaru features, its comfort and supreme safety are just the beginning to the memories you set out to make.

For those who feel performance trumps all, the responsive power and sturdy platform will guide you through all-weather types and across terrains of all shapes and sizes. Still, even if the most you might do with your car on a daily basis is the school, office and grocery store runs, it doesn’t mean the time in your car shouldn’t be special. For a crowd-pleaser for crowds like none other, Confidence in Motion isn’t just a promise — it’s proven.


Excellent Visibility

Every Subaru is designed for optimal visibility, from larger sized windows and door mirrors to reduced A-pillars. No other car brand spends this amount of time ensuring you can see what’s all around you when leaving your home’s driveway, the office, or navigating between other impatient drivers at your local shopping centre’s parking lot.


EyeSight Driver Assistance

Subaru special features include this cutting-edge technology that monitors the road ahead, recognising potentially dangerous driving situations by examining the presence of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other potential hazards up to 110m in front of you.


Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE)

Switch between different pre-programmed engine and transmission maps to suit either the driving conditions, or those that best suit your personal driving mood. SI-DRIVE controls the engine and transmission electronically, and is navigated with the SI-DRIVE switch that can be used to change between three pre-programmed driving modes, easily.

These range to give you:

  • Gentle and efficient power delivery in Intelligent mode
  • Sportier and more responsive in Sport mode, and
  • High performance in Sport Sharp mode which unleashes the maximum potential of your Subaru

Subaru Intelligent Drive


Adaptive Cruise Control

Kick back on the open road with Adaptive Cruise Control — one of the proud Subaru features that maintains the speed set by you while also adjusting speeds so as to maintain a set distance from the car in front of it (as selected by you the driver from three different distances).

Subaru Safety

When it comes to every Subaru model, there aren’t many Subaru features we can talk about that don’t come back to being an informed decision based on safety.

  • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive? Safety!
  • LineartronicTM Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)? Safety!
  • Multi-mode Driver-Controlled Centre Differential (DCCD)? Safety!
  • EyeSight Driver Assistance? Safety!
  • Pre-Collision Braking System? Safety!
  • Reverse Automatic Braking? Safety!
  • Lane Departure and Sway Warnings? Safety!
  • LED Steering Responsive Headlamps with High Beam Assist? Safety!
  • Side View Monitor, Rear View Camera and Front View Camera?

…you guessed it: safety!

We are the only car brand across the globe to have a 5-star safety rating with several Top Safety Pick Plus awards too.

EyeSight Driver Assistance Subaru SA

Special Vehicle Features

Subaru hidden features

Keyless entry

Whether you’ve got your hands full of your kids’ sporting paraphernalia, groceries, a bike, canoe or just had your nails done, unlocking your Subaru without a key is easy when using the customised feature called Pin Code Access.

You would set this up by disabling the keyless entry feature on your Subaru followed by choosing and entering a five-digit code (via the lock button in your boot or lift gate). Once you’ve locked your car (even leaving the keys inside), you can head out on that biking trail or into the nail bar, and when you return you simply enter the five-digit code again to open your Precious Subaru.


Traffic Light Watcher

Subaru drivers are happiest when they’re moving, right? That’s why waiting for the traffic light to change can feel like forever, but using your EyeSight Driver Assist Technology will make sure you’re ready to get moving again when it’s safest to do so. A small beeping sound will alert you for when the traffic starts to move so that you don’t wait a moment too long to get where you’re going. 

Technicians at Subaru have worked tirelessly to create our Subaru core DNA — technology that performs far ahead of competitors in each class. We would like to take you through world-class Subaru technology options based on the model (or models) that you’re interested in, showcasing what is standard as well as what can be added to your package as well.


Are you ready to be converted?

Where can I test drive a Subaru?

If you would like to see how we’ve channeled Subaru special features into the decisions made behind building our range of impressive vehicles, why not book a test drive and let’s get you started on your new (or next) Subaru journey?

Use our store locator to find your nearest dealership, and if you would like to know more about the Subaru range, you can call us on +27 11 608 0116 or email info@subaru.co.za and a Subaru-enthusiastic member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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