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Find the Perfect Subaru for Your Family’s Needs

Find the Perfect SUV Subaru for Your Family's Needs

Family-Friendly Test Drive: Find the Perfect Subaru for Your Family’s Needs

It’s a sunny day in South Africa, the kids are screaming for ice cream, and you wouldn’t mind taking a chilled drive to the beach to cool down. The only problem is that you don’t have a family-friendly SUV to take you there. In a parallel universe, you wouldn’t have that problem. 

With Subaru as your trusted family automotive expert, you won’t be disappointed by our range of family-friendly SUVs. It ticks all the boxes of being safe, innovative, and family-oriented, making it the ideal car for those who prioritise family day. Immerse yourself in Subaru’s legacy of excellence, built on a foundation of quality and sustained by our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The Ideal Family SUV: Why Subaru Stands Out 

The Subaru SUV stands out as a class of its own. Why? Simply because it’s designed for families in mind and to be the ultimate companion to your trips. From spacious interiors to versatile features, our family-friendly SUVs are crafted to enhance every family adventure.

We understand that the number one priority when it comes to looking for an SUV is safety, and we’re proud to say that we birthed some of the safest SUVs around. Thanks to our ingenious Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system, you can drive with confidence, knowing that every journey is backed by cutting-edge safety features for unparalleled peace of mind.

Kids starting to get restless? Our innovative technology systems are designed to enhance family road trips to make every drive an unforgettable experience. 

Test Drive Options for Families 

One of the best ways to get a feel for a family car is to test drive one. There are two options that you can consider: test drive a new car or test drive a second-hand one. Let’s explore:

Option 1: Test Drive a New Car: Exploring the Latest Family SUVs 

Test driving a brand-new car is like driving on an empty highway – it’s pure bliss. In our SUV range, you’re presented with the Subaru Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek. Each of these SUVs is tailored to your needs in terms of space, versatility, and safety. This refined structure aims to maintain a logical flow, emphasising the tailored experience that Subaru’s SUV lineup offers to families.

Option 2: Test Drive a Used Car: Quality and Reliability for Your Family 

Second-hand cars don’t get the love they deserve, but often they’re still extremely reliable. Subaru’s pre-owned cars are certified second-hand cars. 

Some benefits of buying a used Subaru SUV include:

  • More cost-effective in comparison to brand new.
  • There is a wide range of Subaru SUV models to choose from.
  • It has proven reliability.
  • Used vehicles do go through independent roadworthy testing.

Preparing for a Family-Friendly Test Drive 

On the day of your test drive, make sure that you come prepared with any questions that you may have. The Subaru dealership rep will be with you every step of the way. From introducing you to the Subaru SUV to accompanying you on the drive, we’re there to make sure you’re comfortable and at ease throughout each step of the journey.

Ideally, when you climb into the SUV, assess the car for space and comfort and get acquainted with the safety features. You need to be able to ensure everyone has enough space in the back and that your children are safe. In terms of entertainment, the Subaru SUV has an infotainment system and other audio options to keep the kids happy and excited during the trip. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Test Drive Offers and Deals 

Be sure to ask about any promotions that are currently running at your nearest Subaru dealership. These promotions may include additional perks, discounts, or exclusive offers that make your test drive even more rewarding. You can also explore special offers tailored for family SUVs. These may include package deals, extended warranties, or unique incentives designed specifically for families looking to purchase a Subaru SUV.

Subaru offers flexible financing options to make your family-friendly SUV purchase affordable. Explore financing plans, low-interest rates, and incentives that align with your budgetary needs. This ensures that you not only find the perfect family vehicle but also secure a financing plan that suits your financial goals.

Test Drive Experience: A Family Adventure 

Test drives can be a very fun and exciting experience, not just for you but for your family too! Why not bring them along to the test drive to get a second or third opinion? This will give you more insight into what will work for you and your family.

Subaru understands that families come in all sizes, and test drives can be nerve-wracking. With us, you can enjoy a stress-free experience and turn the test drive into a memorable outing for the whole family!

If there’s anything you’re not sure of or have questions about the SUV you’re interested in, ask our knowledgeable staff questions, discuss features, and benefit from their expertise to make informed decisions. Ease any concerns about future maintenance by discussing parts and service availability during your test drive.

Making the Right Choice for Your Family 

Your family deserves the best; that’s why the Subaru SUV is the car for you. Learn how other families have benefited from choosing Subaru for their automotive needs. These stories provide authentic perspectives on the practicality, reliability, and joy that come with being a part of the Subaru family.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction starts at the very beginning. We understand what you want from a car, and how it needs to check certain boxes. From transparent communication to responsive customer service, Subaru prioritises your needs. There’s never been a better time to join the Subaru family and become a part of a strong and supportive community. 

How to Test Drive a Car Without Buying 

Did you know that you can test drive a car without actually buying one? Many dealerships offer this opportunity, allowing you to experience the feel of the vehicle, test its features, and assess its suitability for your needs. This approach ensures that you can make an informed decision without the pressure of an immediate purchase.

Taking the Next Step: A Journey with Subaru 

Kickstart your family’s Subaru adventure by visiting your nearest Subaru dealer. Explore the diverse lineup, experience test drives, and engage with knowledgeable staff who are ready to guide you through the process. Your journey with Subaru starts with choosing us as your family’s trusted automotive partner.

Subaru is more than just a car – it’s your trusted and reliable companion on your family’s journey.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What family-friendly features do Subaru SUVs offer?

From Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive and spacious interiors to EyeSight Driver Assist and roof rails, there are so many family-friendly features that our Subaru SUVs offer. While specific features may vary between models and trims, all Subaru SUVs are known for their family-friendly design and a range of features that prioritise safety, comfort, and versatility.

Can I test drive a Subaru SUV without making a purchase commitment?

Yes, in most cases, you can test drive a Subaru SUV without making a purchase commitment. Test drives are a standard practice at dealerships, and they are typically offered to potential customers as a way for them to experience the vehicle firsthand and assess whether it meets their needs and preferences.

Are there special test drive offers for families?

There are no special promotions that are for families only. All promotions are open, and test drives are open to potential customers, families, or just a single person looking for a new set of epic wheels.

How does Subaru ensure the availability of parts and service in remote areas?

Subaru establishes and maintains a network of authorised dealerships across different regions. The goal is to have dealerships strategically located to provide service and parts support to a broad customer base, including those in remote areas.

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