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How To Get The Best Fuel Consumption While Working Remotely

One day you’re paying R10.00 per litre of fuel, the next you’re paying R30.00 per litre. What once was fuel to get you through the week is now barely making it a day. The price of petrol and diesel these days in South Africa is nothing short of shocking and it keeps increasing. While we can’t control the price of fuel, we can at least control how we use it. We’ve gathered up some useful tips and tricks on how to get the best fuel consumption and turn that petrol into performance. 

How to Get the Best Fuel Consumption While Working Remotely

How to save fuel by working remotely?

Some companies have made it possible for their employees to work from home and come into the office on the odd day or two to keep the spend of fuel down. Working remotely provides the benefit of spending less money on fuel and using your car less, which is a win-win situation. But if you’re a Subaru owner, you’d know that not driving your car at all is comparable to heartbreak. So, the good news is that there are many fuel efficiency tips to learn while working remotely – let’s break them down for you.

Top Fuel Efficiency Tips:

  1. Watch your speed: We know it can be tempting to put your foot down on the accelerator and feel that Subaru torque, but there are laws that need to be abided by and fuel to save. Accelerate gently and drive at a steady speed to keep those fuel costs down.
  2. Don’t let your car idle: This sounds like a no-brainer but keeping your car idling not only contributes to wasting fuel, but it also promotes wear-and-tear. And, while Subaru parts are easily accessible, adding another bill on top of fuel doesn’t sound too great.
  3. Switch to natural air: It’s hot and you want the aircon on, did you know that the aircon increases fuel consumption? It’s no myth. Roll those windows down and feel the breeze and double up on fuel.

Take Care of Your Tyres & Keep Up With Services

Can service and change of tyres help save petrol?

Your tyres also have a big role to play in helping with fuel efficiency – keeping your tyres at the correct pressure can promote good fuel consumption. Regular car maintenance is also a big, and often overlooked, factor. Ensure you get your Subaru checked and serviced when it needs it, and you can save a couple of bucks on your next fuel run. Here’s how often you should buy new tyres for your car.

How do I know if my car is fuel efficient?

When a car is fuel efficient, it can do the distance without guzzling a tank of fuel. And an easy way to know this is how many litres the car would need if it had to travel 100km. For example, if your car takes 7 litres of fuel to drive 100km, you divide 100 by 7 to get your car’s fuel efficiency. If you’re not already a Subaru driver, and you’re in the market for something that is fuel-friendly and reliable, the Subaru Impreza has an overall fuel efficiency of 6.4l per 100km. It’s just the ride you need to enjoy pure excellence and not break the bank at the petrol station.

These days fuel efficiency is a top priority when shopping for cars. Why not give Subaru a try and book a test drive, or locate your nearest dealership and let us help you find the car of your dreams.

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