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Difference Between A Maintenance Plan vs Service Plan

What’s the difference between a maintenance plan and a service plan?

No matter which brand is promoting content and information about cars, one common truth is that buying a car isn’t a cheap, easy purchase. In fact, it is for that very reason we’re committed to a wide range of topics featured here in our online Subaru Magazine. Knowledge is what you take with any— and everywhere you go in your Subaru (or any other car for that matter).

Difference Between A Maintenance Plan vs Service Plan

Let’s get into after sales service and look at the difference between service plan and maintenance plan.

Service Plan:

The difference between maintenance and service plan should be something that the manufacturer is upfront and transparent about.

What is a service plan?

A Service Plan covers the costs of your car’s services that are carried out annually / based on pre-determined distance intervals — these are usually every 15,000km’s. The manufacturer determines the standard items that should be replaced, replenished, and serviced based on the make and model of your car. The most common items that are replaced at the service are the spark plugs, oil filters, air filters and oil. It’s important to understand what items are not covered by a service plan; these often include brake pads, wiper blades and shocks.

Service Intervals:

The length of the vehicle service plan is based on the car manufacturer and is capped at a predetermined total. It’s commonly capped at 75,000km’s, meaning that you would have done services at:

  1. 15,000km’s
  2. 30,000km’s
  3. 45,000km’s
  4. 60,000km’s
  5. 75,000km’s

After the fifth and final service within the Service Plan, the costs of future services usually fall to the vehicle owner, however some manufacturers offer extensions based on a premium.

What does a maintenance plan include?

The Maintenance Plan is more comprehensive than the Service Plan, as it includes labour and costs of certain parts when servicing a car. This may include components such as exhaust systems, engine, clutch, gearbox, and certain electrical components. Remember to be sure you’re informed on what is not covered when it comes to both your Service and Maintenance Plans; most commonly, this includes tyres, wheel alignment and items such as windscreens.

Subaru Maintenance Plan

All new Subaru models are covered by our comprehensive Maintenance Plan to ensure your ownership experience is worry-free. Subaru offers one of the most comprehensive Maintenance Plans around.

If your Freedom requires less travelling, all new Subarus come with a standard three years or 75,000km Maintenance Plan. However, if your freedom requires more travelling, we give you the option to extend your Subaru Maintenance Plan to suit your needs.

All routine servicing of the vehicle per the manufacturer’s handbook is covered in the plan. The plan also covers all maintenance and mechanical repairs required due to normal wear and tear.

Comparing Maintenance Plan vs Service Plan Terms

When comparing maintenance plan vs service plan, you’ll decide what’s best for you based on what you know about how you drive. The advantages of a Maintenance Plan with Subaru include:

  1. You pay for tomorrow’s costs at today’s rates, avoiding inflation and price increases on parts and labour.
  2. Maintenance plan extension costs can be included in your vehicle finance agreement, minimising its impact and unforeseen future expenses.
  3. Only Subaru genuine parts are used, which come with a one-year warranty and are in full compliance with your vehicle’s warranty terms and conditions.
  4. Services are conducted to the highest standards by trained Subaru technicians, who have extensive knowledge of your Subaru.
  5. Vehicle value is enhanced at the time of resale.

To find out more information about how we work to deliver Confidence in Motion for you, contact your local dealership, give us a call on +27 11 608 0116 and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions about all-things Subaru.

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