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How Often Should You Buy New Tyres?

A huge part of driving safety is based on the condition your tyres are in. Beyond the aspects of Subaru’s world-renowned safety innovations, wondering when to buy new tyres is a big part of making sure you are safe on the road. There isn’t however a clear, straightforward, unanimous answer that poses a one-size-fits all solution for all drivers. With your average daily driving mileage and conditions of the roads you travel, there are factors to consider. Let’s break those down for you here.

How often you should get your tyres changed

If you were looking at age alone, reputable tyre brand Dunlop recommends having your tyres inspected at the five-year mark of owning your car — and then at least once a year thereafter. Why? Because regardless of the amount of mileage you do, age is also a factor when it comes to tyre deterioration.

Given that working-from-home is rapidly becoming the norm, many people are doing less mileage now than ever. But even then, remember that age is an important consideration; even if the tread is still good, you should change your tyres at their tenth year anniversary.

Remember: tyre age is measured from the date of manufacture, not of purchase, as tyres wear even in storage.

As for the other factors that influence when to buy new tyres, let’s look at the top three.

1: When your tyre tread is worn down below 1mm

  • Smooth tyres are an absolute no-no when it comes to the safety of you and your passengers when driving. You should replace your tyres when they reach the remaining 1.6 mm of tread depth (tread wear indicators are built into the tyre’s tread grooves to indicate when they are worn).
  • NOTE: In South Africa, in the absence of tread wear indicators it is illegal to drive with tyres that have less than 1.0 mm tread remaining.

2: If you get a puncture

Some punctures can be repaired, so visit your nearest tyre specialist to investigate whether your punctured tyre can be repaired rather than replaced. If the puncture is irreparable, you’ll need to purchase and fit a new tyre.

3: If your tyres are wearing irregularly

If your tyres haven’t been properly aligned, inflated, or fitted, you will likely experience irregular wear on the tread. This is a circumstance that requires you to replace the tyres as soon as possible, to prevent further wear — which can result in an unsafe drive. Once you have replaced a tyre(s), it makes for a smarter investment on the cost of the new tyres to also have the alignment and balancing done. Failing to do so will likely see you in the same situation of uneven wear in the months to come.

How often should you get your tyres rotated and balanced?

As the tyres are the parts of your car that are exposed most to roads, they will invariably suffer the maximum wear and tear. Rotation and balancing helps you to extend the lifespan of your tyres, and a good timeline to gauge is every 10,000 kilometres.

This function is less costly than new tyres of course, and will ensure you get better usage out of the ones you’ve paid for.

How do I know what tyres to buy?

Competition is always a good thing when it comes to items that most people consider a “grudge purchase”. While that money could always be put to more pleasurable uses, you do need to be responsible about the long-term safety associated with your prized set of wheels.

We have a host of tyre sales specialists in South Africa. With many of them offering competitive deals, you can be sure your purchase offers you both economical and practical peace of mind.


How Often Should You Buy New Tyres? | Subaru SA

If you are unsure about when to buy new tyres or about the right tyres for your Subaru, call us on +27 11 608 0116 or email info@subaru.co.za and a skilled member of our team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, use our store locator to find your nearest dealership, and come in to chat to the team.

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