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How A Subaru SUV Can Shift Your Lifestyle into High Gear

Subaru SUV Forester Adventure with Family at A River

When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. When you want to enjoy that ice-cool lemonade, you jump into a Subaru SUV and take a nice, chilled cruise to the beach. We know that our SUVs can’t solve any of life’s serious problems, but they’ll certainly make life more enjoyable, and more luxurious.

If you’re looking to switch things up and convert from a Sedan to an SUV, you’re in the right place. With all of the different Subaru SUV models on the market, it can be difficult to know which one will make you say, “yes, this is the car of my dreams.” This guide will help you decide which Subaru SUV could be the perfect fit for your busy, but exciting, lifestyle. From our roomy interior and comfortable seats to our advanced and iconic safety features, we have everything and more to tackle any road condition. Our SUVs are designed to help you live life in high gear. And whether you’re a bachelor or have a family, you can’t go wrong with a Subaru SUV.

Why Driving the Subaru SUV range is Fun?

Driving an SUV or crossover SUV– especially the modern models – can be closely compared to driving a big sports car. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s packed with power. The main separating feature here, though, is the ground clearance. The elevated height that an SUV offers lets you feel like you’re driving on top of the world – it’s been known to empower drivers like no other car can. Muddy roads, rocky terrain and crazy weather conditions are no match for the power and strength that a Subaru SUV has. And thanks to the Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive, you have total control over your car, as power is distributed evenly through the wheels.

Invite some friends over and take a trip of a lifetime in your Subaru SUV – the fun never ends.

The Different Adventures You Can Take with a Subaru SUV

Where do we start? There are some thrilling and fun-packed adventures that you can take with a Subaru SUV. Here are a few ideas:


Long roads are good but off-roads are even better. With 220mm of ground clearance and advanced X-mode Hill Descent Control, you can get to and from almost any destination. X-Mode helps drivers navigate extremely technical terrain, helping you enjoy the experience of off-roading in the safety of your SUV.

Kayaking and canoeing:

Kayaking and canoeing is such a fun activity to do with family and friends. Our range of SUV models is already kitted out with roof rails that allow you to easily strap the kayak or canoe to the roof. It’s one of the best benefits of owning a Subaru SUV.

Camping and stargazing:

If you’re an avid lover of camping and breathing in that fresh air, surrounded by trees and good company, the Subaru SUV will make that dream come true every time. With all the available boot and passenger space, your camping gear will fit in perfectly, with enough space left for snacks and other accessories.

The Tech Specification on Different Subaru SUV Models

You can create the life you want if you work for it. But sometimes, all it takes to switch your life into a higher gear is owning a Subaru SUV. Here are some tech specs that will make you say, ‘wow, now that’s an SUV.’

Subaru Forester:

Subaru XV:

  • Also known as the Subaru CrossTrek
  • A full-house SUV offering Bluetooth, AUX and Apple Carplay connectivity.
  • Features a multi-function information display.
  • Has keyless entry and a multi-function steering wheel.

Subaru Outback:

  • The rear tailgate offers hands-free opening, making it easier to access the boot.
  • Outback vs Forester cargo space is quite spacious
  • Features EyeSight Assist Monitor, which is a new heads-up display.
  • The DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System uses facial recognition camera tech to monitor you as the driver for any signs of tiredness, and issues you a gentle warning.

Why You Should Consider a Subaru SUV for The Ultimate Enjoyment

Get ready to make your way down those open roads, highways and rocky roads in style and comfort. One of the many great things about a Subaru SUV is that you never have to take the road most travelled, or compromise on an adventure ever again. Subaru SUVs offer the latest technology, modern features, and the ultimate in safety enhancements, all making the comparison to other SUVs a decidedly one-sided affair. So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up, get set and go get yourself a life-changing Subaru SUV.

For more information on our impressive SUV line-up include the all-new Subaru Crosstek, contact us at +27 116 220 260 or send us an email at info@subaru.co.za. Not ready to make a selection yet and need a little nudge forward? Book a test drive at your nearest Subaru dealership today.

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