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Subaru 101: Car Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Getting behind the wheel of a Subaru is an experience rife with the promise of an exhilarating drive, with comfort, safety and performance always present as unseen passengers. As an owner, that’s what you’ll get when you fire up the engine. But even though you’re probably experiencing your best drive every time, are you really experiencing the true potential of your Subaru?

You may think you are, but we’re about to bring you a revelation: Subaru’s pioneering tech means that there are a couple of hacks you can use on your car, to make your ownership experience even more mind-blowing.

Let’s unpack some nifty Subaru hacks here. 

Unlocking the true potential of your Subaru

There are few things more gratifying than taking your Subaru out for a spin and feeling the raw power that comes with driving one of these incredible machines.

If you’re like most Subaru owners, you appreciate the true potential of your vehicle. Whether it’s taking on tough off-road trails or simply getting around town, your Subaru can do it all.

But it’s not all about the drive, that world-class fuel efficiency, or that distinctive engine purr. Sometimes it’s the little things that can take performance overall from impressive, to extraordinary. 

Subaru hacks that will change your life

If you own a Subaru, you know that it’s more than just a car. It’s a way of life. And while some things are just Subaru-specific (like the love affair Subaru owners have with their cars), there are also some hacks that can make your Subaru ownership experience even better.

How to unlock your car if you lock your keys inside

It’s not an uncommon mishap – locking keys inside the car when the mind is elsewhere. In the past, when this happened – and if a locksmith wasn’t available – all manner of amateur fixes would be called upon. Some are decidedly worrying, like tyre irons, crowbars and coat hangers. 

Subaru Vehicle Hacks

How not to unlock your Subaru vehicle

Subaru has made this concern a thing of the past, though. The Subaru keyless entry can be toggled to give you even more control over your car, even without the fob.

You would set this up by disabling the keyless entry feature on your Subaru, followed by choosing and entering a five-digit code (via the lock button in your boot or lift gate). If you’ve locked your car and the keys are inside, simply enter the five-digit code again to open your Subaru.

Here’s how to disable keyless entry:

  1. Open the driver’s door
  2. Rotate the lock lever to the lock position
  3. Press and hold the ‘lock’ and ‘boot’ button on the fob together for 5 seconds. You’ll know the function is disabled when a beep or chirp sounds

That famous key fob

Subaru Hacks - key fob

With the Subaru key fob, you hold more than just the power of lock/unlock in your hand. 

The hidden key

A drained battery in a key fob means you’re likely stranded because you won’t be able to get into your car. With Subaru, though, if this happens, you won’t be in a pickle at all. The hidden key in the fob works on the driver’s side door, so you’ll still be able to get into your car.

To find the key, press the small button on the back of the fob, and pull the keychain to release the key. Easy.

The transmitter

Once you’re in, you can deactivate the alarm that will inevitably sound, by stepping on the brake, and holding the key fob against the Start/Stop button.

And yes, if you do the above trick one more time, that transmitter will actually start your car. You’ll never be stranded again. 

Subaru Hacks

The Subaru models you can apply the hacks on

Along with the features of the drive, and that renowned performance, these small but effective – and infinitely practical – hacks can be found in all six of the Subaru models available in South Africa:


For more on the smart technology featured in all Subaru models, contact us on +27 11 608 0116 or send an email to info@subaru.co.za.  

Or, experience it all first-hand – book a test drive now.

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