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Subaru Genuine Parts

Subaru Genuine Parts

Subaru genuine parts are original manufacturer equipment – the same components that were fitted when your car was built at the factory. Our genuine parts are developed meticulously and subjected to countless performance and quality tests at every stage. By choosing Subaru parts, fitted by your Subaru dealer’s skilled technicians, you are choosing to keep your Subaru’s performance, safety and reliability as good as new for total peace of mind.

If you need a Subaru replacement part for your Subaru sedan or SUV, call your dealership to book a parts service and replacement appointment right away. Do not go to a backyard mechanic who promises to do the job. It may cost less at the time, but in the long run, it will compromise the safety and performance of your Subaru and end up costing much more.

We pride ourselves on our world-class Service & Parts department, which is made up of highly skilled Subaru technicians who understand the intricacies of how each Subaru model runs. Find your nearest Subaru dealer now and discuss what Subaru parts and accessories you need today.

Locate your nearest Subaru Dealership now.

Where can I buy genuine Subaru parts near me?

Once you’ve located your nearest Subaru Dealer, you’ll be able to get a comprehensive quotation on the Subaru car parts you require including the cost to replace them. We want you to experience Confidence in Motion every time you sit at the wheel of your Subaru, and that means being confident in knowing that we will only every replace parts with genuine Subaru ones.

Take a look at some of the Subaru genuine parts that can be replaced.

Subaru Genuine Oil Filter

Engines require clean engine oil to operate efficiently. Oil filters are essential items to keep the engine oil clean and so the engine can be damaged if filters are not changed regularly. Specifically designed Subaru genuine oil filters, have a relief valve to catch harmful dirt in engines and operate behind the scenes to temporarily protect the engine from serious damage.

Subaru Genuine Brake Discs

Having genuine parts when it comes to brake pads and brake discs are an essential element in the safe running of your vehicle. Always make sure you replace your brake pads and discs at the regulated intervals with genuine brake disc parts. Speak to your service provider about when your discs and brakes should be checked.Subaru Genuine Air Cleaner

Subaru Genuine Air Cleaner

Cars need air to run, so air cleaners are essential items. Designed to fit perfectly and function properly for your Subaru, Subaru genuine air cleaners filter materials and catch dirt and dust in the air to ensure the right volume of clean air is supplied to the engine.

Front Windshield with EyeSight

EyeSight is a driver assist technology that uses the stereo cameras to recognize the complex environment around the car for pre-collision braking and other safety measures. The Subaru Windshield is designed for EyeSight, with minimal curvature and optimal tint zones to ensure proper visibility for the stereo camera. When replacing your windshield, the stereo camera needs to confirm the visibility with exclusive devices.

How much do Subaru genuine parts cost?

The cost of Subaru genuine parts will all depend on the extent of the replacement and time taken. If you’d like to know how much a certain part will cost, talk to a friendly service advisor at your Subaru dealership now. Your local dealer will gladly give you a quote as the cost of replacement and servicing of your Subaru model. Keep your Subaru performing as it should with Subaru Genuine Parts. We promise Pure Driving Enjoyment. Subaru, Confidence in Motion.