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Me and My Baby: How ISOFIX Means Safety for Your Baby

It goes without saying that one of your biggest priorities is to keep your little ones safe at all times. And so, you shouldn’t be put off travelling when you have a newborn or toddler. At Subaru, we make our cars to suit a lofty tradition: ‘there’s safe, and then there’s Subaru safe”, and that speaks volumes.

We’ve taken the benefits of advanced technology and implemented it into our vehicles to give you nothing but peace, pleasure and safety on the roads. We have put 20 years into developing safety technologies, such as EyeSight, to help you spot and identify hazards and warn you against them to ease your mind with your baby in the car.

Then there’s ISOFIX – When you choose a car with ISOFIX, you’re choosing a safety guarantee. Baby seats secured with seat belts work, but ISOFIX baby car seats mean the best safety for your baby. All of our Subaru vehicles have this awesome feature to keep your precious little ones happy and most importantly, safe.

Let’s unpack ISOFIX a little more, and how it can give you the best vehicle safety feature for babies there is.

ISOFIX Explained


ISOFIX is an international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in passenger cars. It is a permanent connection between the car seat and the car. Simply put, the system is a safety car seat fitting that locks the car seat onto two latches. What makes ISOFIX better is that it is a permanent connection that secures with a simple click and prevents any motion, especially in a collision.

How ISOFIX helps keep your baby safe?

ISOFIX car seats help keep your baby safe no matter where you’re going. You could be taking them to their friend’s birthday party or simply stepping out to visit family; when your baby or toddler is strapped in with ISOFIX, you have nothing to worry about. Simply make sure the system is correctly installed and then when you hear the click, you’re good to go.

We know travelling on the roads with your kids is a risk and it can be scary at first, but knowing your car is equipped with the most technologically advanced safety feature can ease some of that natural maternity stress. ISOFIX car seats have excellent safety ratings for a reason – because they work. It’s an investment you wouldn’t have to second guess.

The Benefits of Using ISOFIX Car Seats

What are the benefits of ISOFIX for baby safety?

There are a number of incredible benefits of using ISOFIX car seats. The top reason is enhanced safety for your children on the roads. We’re not saying that seat belts aren’t effective, because they are; ISOFIX is simply an alternative solution to traditional safety methods. 

What is the difference between ISOFIX and seat belts?

The difference between ISOFIX and seat belts is that ISOFIX attachments are connected directly to the base of the child seat whereas seat belts are straps connecting the seat to the car. 

Here are some other benefits of ISOFIX:

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