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A Subaru in the Spotlight: Top Things To Know About A Pre-Owned Outback

pre-owned Subaru Outback

Imagine you bought a car that was everything you ever wanted; modern, durable, strong, and safe. Not only was this car perfect for both casual trips to the shopping mall with friends, but also your adventure partner for those spontaneous weekend road trips. With Subaru, you don’t need to imagine a dream car when you can get exactly what you want, from us. Our range of high-quality vehicles, whether new or pre-owned, is designed from the ground up to give you the best possible driving experience. 

We’d like to bring special attention to our second-hand Subaru Outback vehicle. When looking to buy a second-hand car, the Subaru Outback in particular, you’d need to know as much information as possible before just making a purchase. There’s a lot to consider when buying second-hand, and the more you know, the less in the dark you’ll be about the car you buy. We’ve gathered up some tips on everything there is to know about purchasing a pre-loved Subaru Outback. We promise, in this case, you’re not settling for less when you go down the second-hand route.

How a Pre-owned Subaru Outback Can Be the Car for You

If you’re looking for a car that takes you to where you need to be and can save you money on fuel, without compromising on style and performance, the pre-owned Subaru Outback is the perfect car for you. The Subaru Outback has a rugged design with a sleek interior, made to be practical yet stylish and ideal for the everyday man or woman. Its advanced off-road capabilities are made possible through the Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive system, made to give you full control on the roads. 

How Regular Maintenance Can Stretch a Pre-Owned Subaru Outback’s Life

The key to making things last is love and care. When you buy a pre-owned Subaru Outback, you already know that it’s not like a new car that has a maintenance plan. Pre-owned cars require a bit more TLC; that’s why it’s good to know the service history of the car before making a purchase. Ignoring regular maintenance can seriously damage your car and leave you without one. As dramatic as it sounds, your pre-owned car needs minor and major services to prevent unwanted problems such as brake fails, old oil etc. Do the right thing and book your car in for regular services at your local Subaru dealership.


The Benefits of Owning a Pre-Owned Outback vs a New Subaru Outback

Pre-owned versus new – which is better? What if we told you that both of these cars are perfect in their own way and come with their own set of benefits? Let’s get into it.

Pre-owned Subaru Outback

  • More affordable for those who are budget-conscious.
  • Tested according to the highest quality, safety, and performance ratings.
  • Has incredible off-road capabilities, making it your perfect travel partner.

New Subaru Outback

  • Is brand new and has zero kilometres on the clock.
  • Has the latest updates and features.
  • Is the advanced model and is offered in two trim levels.

The Difference Between a Certified Pre-Owned Subaru Outback vs a Normal Used Outback

A certified pre-owned Subaru Outback is one that has undergone thorough testing to ensure that the levels of performance and quality are acceptable. All of our vehicles undergo many tests to ensure optimal performance and durability so that they can be certified by Subaru. 

Certified pre-owned Subaru Outback:

  • The price range is typically higher.
  • Has undergone testing to ensure that you are receiving a certified Subaru original vehicle.

Normal-used Outback:

  • The price range is lower.
  • Has also undergone testing, but not to the extent of a certified vehicle.

What Are the Possibilities of Getting Finance on a Pre-Owned Subaru Outback?

Depending on your work and financial history, the possibilities of getting finance on a pre-owned Subaru Outback are generally high. This is because pre-owned vehicles are cheaper in comparison to newer models. A car’s value depreciates over time, and second-hand cars become more affordable for those looking to purchase through finance. We advise either visiting your nearest Subaru dealership or chatting with any of our consultants to find out about the available finance options for you.

Go above and beyond and live your wildest dreams with a pre-owned Subaru Outback. You’re never settling with a pre-owned Subaru vehicle because quality and performance don’t have an expiration date. Ready to test drive the Subaru Outback? Book a test drive at any of your local Subaru dealerships and feel that renowned power in your hands. If you’d like some more information about our range of cars, SUVs and sedans, contact us at +27 11 608 0116 today.

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