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SUV Features To Consider – Interior, Safety & Tech

How to pick the best SUV?

How to pick the best SUV?

It would be an understatement to say that the SUV category is bursting with options from more and more carmakers. The fact that there are so many to choose from means your decision is set to be a tough one, but once you’ve defined the kinds of SUV features you want from your car, you’ll be able to start narrowing your search. 

SUV Features To Consider – Interior, Safety & Tec

Here are some of the most obvious boxes to tick if you think you’d love an SUV. 

  • Do you have a large family?
  • Do you enjoy the outdoors? 
  • Do you enjoy road trips, weekends, and trips away in your car? 
  • Do you like travelling with your pets? 
  • Do you enjoy travelling off the beaten track — and sometimes off-road? 

While this list isn’t conclusive, it makes for a great primary list as to why you might enjoy the features of SUV cars

SUV Features Checklist

SUV features vary from brand to brand, but it would fair to say that the obvious ones that draw buyers to this category are:

  1. their elevated ride height
  2. all-wheel-drive 
  3. improved off-road ability 
  4. interior versatility
  5. and, of course, image 

Subaru has serious contenders in this category with not just two, but three models. Blurring the lines when it comes to our XV (as a subcompact SUV) along with both the Subaru Forester and the Outback. 

MOTORTREND compiled a list of the Best SUVs to buy in 2022, and — among other things — said this about our Subaru XV

“This is a small SUV that can venture out into the wilderness yet won’t break the bank. The Subaru XV has enough ground clearance (8.7 inches) and a standard all-wheel-drive system to make off-road journeys a snap.”  

What SUV has the best safety features?

In the mid-size category, MOTORTREND had this to say about our Outback

“Whether or not you consider this Legacy-based model to be a wagon, Subaru has sold the Outback as a crossover SUV for years. The latest Outback offers a nicer interior and more technology than any of its predecessors, even if we wish some of the safety alerts would relax.”

Ah! SUV safety features that could relax? We’ll take it! When it comes to SUV safety features, we’d rather over-deliver than under-deliver — any day! 

Subaru’s innovative developments towards safety guarantee you more bang for your buck than many car manufacturers out there, not just as SUV safety features but across all our models. 

Our peer-recognised and awarded safety innovations include: 

  1. EyeSight Driver Assistance System
  2. Pre-Collision Braking System
  3. Adaptive Cruise Control
  4. Pre-Collision Throttle Management
  5. Lane Departure & Sway Warning
  6. Ring-Shaped Reinforcement
  7. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System
  8. Lower Positioned Boxer Engine
  9. Reverse Automatic Braking
  10. Blind Spot Monitor with Lane Change Assist
  11. Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  12. Seven Airbags Standard
  13. Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC)


Our commitment to safety is relentless, and incorporates overlapping innovations that work in tandem with body structure, driving comfort (on or off-road) and parking situations. 

If you’re still wondering how to pick the best SUV, why not experience Confidence in Motion for yourself by booking a test drive, or find your local dealership and come in for a chat. If you prefer to stay home and talk about anything Subaru with one of our helpful representatives, call our Customer Care Department on +27 11 608 0116. 

If you would like to see the complete list from MOTORTREND’s Best SUVs to buy in 2022, please click here


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