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Sedan Lover’s Guide: Why Subaru Sedans Are Perfect For You

Sedan Lover’s Guide: Why Subaru Sedans Are Perfect for You

There are many different types of cars in the world. From hatchbacks and muscle cars to sedans and sports cars – there is a car for every single personality out there. When you choose a Subaru Sedan, you’re not settling, you’re choosing quality and performance over everything else. Our sedans are designed to give you that unmatched confidence and freedom to drive; anywhere, anytime. We could go on and on about why Subaru sedans are the perfect car for you, but we’d be here all day. That’s why we’re giving you just a few reasons why sedans are better to take home with you.


Sedans vs hatchbacks: which is better?

A sedan has four doors and a separate boot. They are described as having “three-box” bodies. The front box is home to the engine, the middle box is larger and houses passengers and then lastly, the third box is the boot. This means that sedans are pretty spacious and ideal for families and those planned road trips that highlight your year. 

Hatchbacks are great, but if you’re comparing them to a sedan, sedans are far superior in terms of performance and body structure. Unlike a sedan, the hatchback has four doors with a “two-box” body and a tailgate that flips upwards – the hatch. This shape has features that are very distinct in comparison to the sedan. But although the hatch shape makes up for much in lightness and compactness, it loses a little in space and some pertinent safety features that are only available in sedan models. 

If you’re looking to make a statement, as you should, the sedan is the car for you. Not only that, but your pocket will also thank you because the gas tank on this car is as efficient as efficiency can get. Sedans also have a low body mass, making acceleration and stopping a breeze.

Subaru sedans are perfect for families who need extra space

The sedan is perfect for families who need that extra space. We’re talking amazing boot space, spacious and comfortable passenger seating and unrivalled safety features. If you’re grocery shopping or need to fit the baby pram somewhere, the boot sizes for our sedans range are as follows:

  • Impreza: 310L boot capacity
  • WRX: 460L boot capacity

Click here to find out more. 

The Subaru sedan all-wheel drive system makes them great for driving in any conditions

We didn’t take the high road when it came to technology and our vehicles. Each and every single Subaru car is designed to give you the best driving experience without question. Speaking of which, the Subaru sedan is equipped with our unique symmetrical all-wheel drive system. What does this mean? Better safety. Better control. Better pleasure when you drive. When you drive a Subaru sedan, a little heavy rain and bumpy terrain won’t get in the way of getting you to where you need to be. The benefit of this SAWD feature is that power is given to all four wheels to give you better traction on slippery, wet roads. The Boxer engine distributes power to the wheels in a straight, symmetrical line, enhancing your control and wheel traction. 

What features should I look for in a sedan?

We have our own vision of what mobility should be, so our sedans have a variety of features that will change the way you look at cars. Some Subaru sedan features include:

  1. Fuel efficiency. We know, the price of fuel keeps increasing – rest assured the Subaru sedan will ease the blow and help save you money.
  2. EyeSight Driver Assistance system. This means that 110m of the road ahead is monitored, helping you avoid dangerous driving situations and potential collisions.
  3. Pre-Collision Braking system. If you are distracted or don’t register a potential collision, brakes are automatically applied. 
  4. Cruise Control. Your speed is maintained to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.


Subaru sedans – the choice for innovation, safety and comfort

Subaru sedans offer comfort, performance, space and save you money in the long run. If we haven’t given you enough reasons on why Subaru sedans are perfect for you, come and experience one of our premier models for yourself. Book a test drive at any of our branches and feel the power in your hands that the sedan brings. You can also reach out to us on +27 11 608 0116, via email at info@subaru.co.za, or find your nearest dealership and come in for a chat.

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