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Top 3 Safety Features Subaru Owners Didn’t Know

There’s nothing casual about our approach to safety. And while we get that this might sound like every other car maker’s promise, so much about what we’re doing on the safety features frontier comes from our roots.

Did you know that Subaru was the first Japanese carmaker to begin carrying out crash tests in the 1960s? Since then, Subaru has worked tirelessly on innovative safety features that — while setting us and the brand apart from our competitors — do the most important thing: protect you and your passengers.

What Are The Top 3 Safety Features Subaru Owners Don’t Know?

If you had to ask us “what is the best Subaru safety feature?” we would humbly reply: the whole car. There are unique safety features — each complementing the others — all working together as a whole to make sure you’re taken care of while driving any one of our models.

If we had to compile a list of the top three Subaru safety features, we would offer you the following:

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control
  2. Pre-Collision Braking System
  3. Lane Departure & Sway Warning

Adaptive Cruise Control

This Subaru safety feature works to maintain a set speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you. Not unlike the traditional cruise control feature available on many cars nowadays, this safety feature is set to maintain your speed while also regulating your proximity and distance from the vehicle in front of you.

You can select from three different distances based on time and speed, and then the EyeSight Driver Assist System will automatically use braking and monitoring technologies to regulate the vehicle’s speed, in line with the traffic flow. Watch this video to learn more about Adaptive Cruise Control:


Pre-Collision Braking System

No Subaru safety features list would be complete without our Pre-Collision Braking System. This innovative advancement provides automatic braking to help avoid or reduce the severity of detected frontal accident impacts. Should you be distracted or not register the risk of a collision, braking will be automatically applied when it is recognised by EyeSight. Watch this video to learn more about our Pre-Collision Braking System:

[ Watch: https://youtu.be/7sPEyOEtBzo ]

Lane Departure & Sway Warning

There are always going to be distractions on the road. Sometimes veering for something on one side could cause problems on the other. Then there are other everyday realities, like phones, kids, taxis — and so on. Subaru’s Lane Departure & Sway Warning monitors the vehicle’s position within road lane markings and sounds a warning to the driver should your vehicle sway within or move out of its lane unintentionally. Watch this video to learn more about our Lane Departure & Sway Warning:

[ Watch: https://youtu.be/zwfWLbhbAl4 ]

Why Is Subaru Considered The Safest Car?

It’s not lost on us that every car maker would strive for groundbreaking safety protocols, and then want to shout about it. But more than just saying we make the safest cars, the recognition agrees. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reviewed all Subaru models with EyeSight Driver Assistance System and awarded them a “Superior” rating in front crash prevention. Why isn’t the EyeSight Driver Assistance System on our Subaru safety features list of three above? Its tech underpins much of what makes Subaru safe (and many of the features above), and it really deserves its own special mention!

EyeSight Driver Assistance System

The cutting-edge technology monitors the road ahead, recognising potentially dangerous driving situations and assisting the driver to reduce the occurrence of forward collisions or completely avoid them. The system does this by detecting the presence of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other potential hazards up to 110m in front of it. Our technology works by capturing 3D images through cameras on the front windscreen. If it identifies anything that might be of danger, it warns the driver audibly, urging them to take action and brake. If they don’t, it automatically applies the brakes. Using data from the stereo cameras, the engine, brakes and transmission, the system has the following functions:

[insert video: https://youtu.be/w-Xi5QnY80g ]

As you can see, safety has never taken a back seat with us at Subaru. We are committed to the innovations and tech that keeps us moving the goalposts for safety features that ultimately keep you and all our Subaru-loving drivers safe.

Why not experience these Subaru safety features (and more!) by contacting your local dealership and booking a test drive? If you have anything specific you’d like to know more about, don’t hesitate to call us on +27 11 608 0116 or email info@subaru.co.za and a skilled member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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