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Power Seats and Memory Seats Explained

The only problem with owning a Subaru is that everyone you know will want a piece of the action (can you blame them though, seriously?). So Max, Thabo and Nazli each got to go for a joyride… and those were just your colleagues! Convenient then that Subaru offers all the brag without the hassle with Subaru’s memory seats technology. It means your Subaru is ready to drive with the driver’s seat and side view mirrors where you want them — as soon as you take your rightful place behind the wheel.


What is the difference between power seats and memory seats?

Remember: Use the power seat levers to find your perfect position, and then commit that position to your car’s memory by storing them through the memory seat instructions below.

You can set up your memory using the three options below so that your seat and rear view mirror settings are programmed by you — and any other driver (think spouse, best bud or proverbial partner in crime) — so that you can switch into your personal preferences every time you drive.


How Power Seats and Memory Seats Work

There are three ways to programme the seat and mirror positions:

  1. Using the buttons at the driver’s seat
  2. Using the Key Fob
  3. Using your DriverFocus® profile


1: Buttons on the driver’s door

  • Start your car but keep it in park / neutral
  • Set the preferred seat position and adjust the outside mirrors
  • Press down and hold either number button and the “SET” button until you hear the confirmation beeps.


2: Using the Key Fob

  • Turn off the ignition and set the parking brake in place
  • Set the preferred seat position and adjust the outside mirrors
  • Simultaneously press down the “SET” button on the door, and the unlock button on the Key Fob until you hear the confirmation beeps
  • The next time you open your Subaru using the unlock button on the Key Fob, your car will recall your preferred seating positions and have your seat ready for you in no time


3: Using your DriverFocus® profile

  • Start your vehicle
  • Set the preferred seat position and adjust the outside mirrors
  • Press “Home” on the touchscreen then “Settings” and navigate to the car tab, then:
    • Driver Monitoring System
    • Update seat and mirror position
    • Press “SET”


The touchscreen will read “Seat and mirror position updated” and the DriverFocus® system will scan and recognise you each time you sit in the driver’s seat, and your car will recall your preferred seating positions.

There’s nothing excessive about an extensive write-up on seat-positioning when you consider that the Subaru’s power seats have a 10-way power adjustable format for finding the holy grail of seat positions for you.

Yes, ten!

Why does Subaru have memory seats?

Which is exactly why recording the perfect position means so much to Subaru drivers, and why getting into that position every time is not just a nice-to-have but something you can expect. The driver’s seat in your Subaru is your VIP pass to life’s journeys after all — wherever those may take you. Subaru’s made sure your ergonomic experience matches all the other joy you get from your car.

To get seat settings sorted, start with a test drive which you can book at your local Subaru dealership, by contacting us on +27 11 608 0116 or emailing info@subaru.co.za and letting us know how a Subaru-enthusiastic member of our team can assist you.

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