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Looks and Tech Aside, Subaru Safety First | Subaru

subaru safety rating

Subaru Looks and Tech Aside, Subaru Safety First

Subaru is our name – safety is our game. When we were first established back in the 1960s, we knew we were destined to be a vehicle brand that holds safety as a pinnacle point. We’ve been building up our safety features and refining them over the years to give our Subaru family a car that’s got their back on the road. Our commitment to safety speaks for itself; we are the only car brand in the world to have achieved a 5-star safety rating and several Top Safety Pick Plus awards too.

In this article, we’ll be talking about all things Subaru safety-related, such as our history, commitment, ratings, and rankings.

The History of Subaru’s Commitment to Safety

Subaru has a long-standing commitment to safety that has been a core part of its brand identity since its invention in the late 1950s. It was only back in the 1960s when Subaru established its very first safety research centre, the Safety Research Laboratory, to develop and improve safety features for our vehicles. Ever since then, we’ve been continuously working hard to find ways to make our cars even safer on the roads.

When compared to other car brands, Subaru’s safety ratings have always been consistently higher than others – probably because we’ve had over 20 years of experience. With safety being the key pillar of our brand, what other way to test our commitment than crash tests? Our very first crash test was done on a Subaru 1000 sedan. The test was conducted in collaboration with the Japanese government’s Ministry of Transport and was aimed at improving vehicle safety standards. Fast forward to today, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has named Subaru a Top Safety Pick for 14 consecutive years.

If safety is your priority – Subaru’s your guarantee.

Subaru’s Safety Features

We know that sometimes you wish you had an extra pair of eyes on the road to keep you safe when travelling. Well, that’s exactly what Subaru vehicles offer – enhanced safety and safety features designed to keep you extra safe while driving.

EyeSight technology is one of our most innovative safety features. It uses stereo cameras mounted at the top of the windshield to monitor the road ahead for potential hazards, including other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles. This unique system can also provide adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane departure and sway warning, and more. EyeSight technology has been shown to reduce rear-end crashes with injuries by up to 85%!

But that’s not all, Subaru vehicles also come standard with traction control, an all-wheel drive system, airbags, anti-lock brakes and vehicle stability control. In the event of a possible crash, these features are designed to keep you safe from injury.

Subaru’s Safety Ratings

Did you know that three of our Subaru vehicles have won the Top Safety Pick+ awards from the IIHS? Our Subaru vehicles have always ranked extremely high in safety ratings and crash tests conducted by organisations such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. For 14 consecutive years, Subaru has been named the Top Safety Pick; instilling our commitment and drive for safety.

Subaru is the only car brand in the world to have a 5-star safety rating – no other car brand compares to this. All Subaru models are designed to offer confidence in motion, thanks to the range of high-quality safety features offered, such as EyeSight Technology, Pre-Collision Braking System, Symmetrical All-Wheel drive and more. If anything, Subaru over-delivers on safety and quality – there’s no better car brand to trust than Subaru.

Subaru’s Focus on Safety Over Looks and Technology

It’s true what they say about the important stuff being on the inside. Subaru’s focus on safety over looks and technology has stood the test of time. The foundation of Subaru is built on reliable and trustworthy car safety that sets us apart from our competitors. We may not be as flashy or have eccentric aesthetics, but we definitely win when it comes to keeping the Subaru fam safe.

In today’s times, not being safety-conscious can be very risky. Putting your family’s safety and yours first is the best thing you could do – and Subaru is the car that will always be there for you. Our reputation for safety isn’t one of fibs and tales but of rigorous safety testing and two decades of enhancing our safety features. Our customer’s reviews are from real people who love Subaru and how safe it makes them feel.

Subaru’s focus on safety over looks and technology is one of the things that sets the brand apart from its competitors. While other car brands may prioritise flashy features or aesthetics, Subaru puts safety first. This approach aligns with the needs of safety-conscious individuals who value their family’s safety above all else.

Subaru’s reputation as a safe car brand has helped it build a loyal following among those who prioritise safety. This reputation has been earned through years of rigorous safety testing and a commitment to providing innovative safety features that help keep drivers and passengers safe.

If you are a safety-conscious individual who prioritises your family’s safety above all else, then Subaru should be at the top of your list when buying a car. With its innovative safety features, high safety ratings, and focus on safety over looks and technology, Subaru is a car brand that you can trust.

Our 5-star safety rating and Top Pick Safety awards are reassurance that your safety is in good hands – quite literally.

Visit your nearest Subaru dealership for an unmatched new and pre-owned car buying experience, and book a test drive today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What safety features come standard in Subaru vehicles?

Subaru vehicles come standard with a range of safety features, including EyeSight driver assistance technology, airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and vehicle stability control.

What is Subaru EyeSight technology?

Subaru EyeSight is a driver-assist technology system that uses cameras and sensors to help drivers avoid collisions and stay safe on the road. It includes features such as pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure and sway warning, and lane-keep assist.

How does Subaru compare to other car brands in terms of safety?

Subaru has been awarded the Top Pick Safety Award for 14 consecutive years. We are also the only car brand in the world to achieve a 5-star safety rating by the IIHS.

How does Subaru prioritise safety in its design and engineering processes?

Subaru prioritises safety by conducting numerous and extensive testing and using advanced safety technologies. Our design emphasises structural rigidity and high-strength steel to provide even more protection in the event of a crash.


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