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Here’s Why Subaru is the Safety Leader in the Automotive Industry

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Here’s Why Subaru is the Safety Leader in the Automotive Industry

‘Confidence in Motion’ isn’t just our global brand statement – it’s our promise and guarantee to you.
When the first Subaru model was produced, we knew that we had set the standard high and designed a vehicle that would be the leader in safety within the automotive industry. Fast forward to 2023, and we live and breathe this vision and ethos every day – giving safety to every customer that chooses to drive our vehicles, whether it be a sedan, SUV or crossover.
With so many makes and models of cars on the road, it can be hard to know if your safety is guaranteed in any of them. We take the safety of our customers very seriously, and it shows in our meticulous range of Subaru vehicles. Not only are our vehicles considered some of the safest cars to be driving, but they’re equipped with some high-quality and seriously smart tech – like EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, a driver’s automated second in command, making the difference in helping to avoid any chance of incident on the road.
In this article, we’ll talk about EyeSight and also detail a little more about why Subaru is your safety leader in the motoring space.

What Makes Subaru an Industry Leader in Safety

With great experience comes great power and safety. We’ve spared nothing over 20 years of developing and creating safety technologies.
Here are the 5 crucial safety features standard in all modern Subarus:

5 Things that Make a Subaru Vehicle One of the Safest Cars

EyeSight technology

EyeSight technology alone has many functions. From lane departure and sway warnings to pre-collision throttle management and cruise control – EyeSight is the second pair of eyes you need on the road. The tech detects an obstruction in front of you, prevents you from swaying recklessly into the other lane, alerts you when a potential accident is about to happen and much, much more.

Accident-avoidance systems

Distractions happen, and unfortunately, they can happen on the road quite easily. Every Subaru vehicle comes with a pre-collision braking system that automatically brakes when our pioneering EyeSight technology detects a potential frontal impact. If, in any situation, you don’t register an oncoming collision, braking is done automatically once recognised by EyeSight.

Electronic stability control

Maintaining a steady speed is key to being safe – and Subaru can do that for you. Our intuitive adaptive cruise control function maintains a set speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you. The speed is set by you, the driver, and you can choose up to three different distances – based on time and speed.

Safety belt features

These aren’t your average safety belts. The pretensioner in the front seatbelts tightens during an accident, holding you firmly in your seat. They also reduce injury to a passenger’s chest during impact, lessening the force on you. What’s more, Subaru’s rear seats make use of a three-point seatbelt, securing and protecting the waist and chest of passengers.

Traction control

If you’ve heard of our symmetrical all-wheel drive system, you understand why we live by that mantra of ‘Confidence in Motion’. Our vehicles are engineered to deliver power to all four wheels instead of two. This equates to double the grip capacity for better traction and acceleration, giving you more control, more power, and more confidence on the road.

Choose the Safety Leaders in the Automotive Industry

Safety is never something you have to take as second best with Subaru. While every model offers something incredible, they’re all trusted and equipped with the world’s best safety technology – and that’s the most vital feature. No matter which sedan, SUV or crossover you choose, with Subaru, when you’re behind the wheel, you always enjoy the greatest safety technology of all time.

Choose the highest class of safety excellence with Subaru. If you would like more information on our range of vehicles, contact us at +27 116 220 260 or send an email to info@subaru.co.za. Book a test drive today at your nearest Subaru dealership and find the car of your dreams.

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