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Used Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX is a name synonymous with purebred performance, and our range of used Subaru WRX’s for sale are no exception. The WRX is enabled by some of the most advanced automotive technologies the world has to offer.

For the latest in certified power and performance, choose a used Subaru WRX today. You’ll get a super strong chassis, supported by a rally-honed, fully-independent suspension system to ensure unmatched cornering capabilities, precision and stability.

Check out the second-hand Subaru WRX’s in stock now.

Finding A Second Hand WRX

Take a look at our list of Subaru WRXs second-hand for sale now:

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    FAQs About Used Subaru WRX

    Is Subaru WRX a good used car?

    The Subaru WRX offers driving pleasure and purebred performance. It is an excellent choice for a used car that is perfect for both the family and for a little fun.

    How much is a used Subaru WRX?

    The cost of a used Subaru will depend on the model, the year, and the mileage of the car. Take a look at our comprehensive list of used WRX’s now to find your perfect fit.

    Where can I buy a pre-owned Subaru WRX?

    Buy pre-owned Subaru WRX now from a Subaru certified pre-owned dealership. Find your nearest dealership now.

    Can I get finance for a used Subaru WRX?

    Indeed! Chat to our consultants today about the variety of finance options available to you. Here's how does car finance interest work in South Africa.

    Why should I buy a second-hand Subaru WRX?

    Buying second hand cars has several benefits – it’ll cost you less and a certified, pre-owned Subaru will still offer you the performance and power you’d expect from a new one. Here are tips for buying a second hand Subaru

    Book A Test Drive

    Like what you see? Book yourself in for a WRX test drive and give the second-hand Subaru WRX you like a test.

    Book a test drive.

    Subaru Branch Near Me

    Searching for a certified, pre-owned Subaru WRX near you? At your closest Subaru branch, you’ll get all the information you need on the range of used WRX’s in stock and our consultants will gladly help find the perfect pre-owned Subaru WRX for you.

    Find a dealership near you now.

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