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Subaru Driver Profile: Stiaan and his 2009 Outback

Stiaan Swart, a Cape Town-based engineer, likes the fact that his Outback is more off-road capable than soft-roaders.

Subaru Driver Profile: Stiaan and his 2009 Outback

Stiaan Swart is an engineer at CSIXX , a Cape Town-based business that manufactures carbon bicycle components. We caught up with him at the foot of Table Mountain. But only because he let us.

Tell us about your car…
It’s a 2009 Outback 2.5 manual that I bought in 2016 with 110 000km on the clock. The colour is not quite traditional WRX rally blue, but I like it.

Why do you drive a Subaru?
For its interior space and applicability as an excellent all-rounder. My dad is a Subaru guy – he bought a 2.5 RS Sport Wagon in 2006 or 2007 and that was it, we’ve never been without a Subaru in the family. There was even a very rewarding time when he drove a WRX.

What do you use your Outback for?
I have a wife and daughter, so it’s our family car – living in the Cape Town City Bowl, where traffic is hectic and parking at a premium, we only have one car. So the Outback is used for all our transport and motoring needs.

Any modifications?
None for now, but the yearning for some additional ride height is strong. And sump protection. These Subarus fire up the thirst for adventure in you.

“ There’s no doubt that my Outback is more capable than most soft SUVs off road and a true West Coast tourer ”

What do you like most about it?
It defeats the South African station wagon stereotype. There’s no doubt that my Outback is more capable than most soft SUVs off-road, a better city commuter, and a true West Coast tourer. It’s the ultimate stealth low-range vehicle.

Your best memory made with this car?
A long weekend in Porterville. In the rain. People in two-wheel drive cars looking panicked, and we just cruised past thanks to the Outback’s effortless mud ability.

What do you like most about driving your Subaru?
I’m 1.93m tall, and the seating position and general cabin ergonomics are excellent for me. It’s a struggle for tall guys to get comfortable in most soft-roaders.

What’s on the sound system?
I prefer the noise of that boxer engine, but for long drives: Glowing in the Darkest Night by Pretty Lights.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve been to in your Subaru?
I haven’t toured significantly with the Outback – yet. But some trips are pending after the mods.

When you hear the word ‘Subaru’, what comes to mind?
All-wheel drive driver’s cars.

Your dream Subaru?
I’d stay with the Outback model range, but definitely a 3.6-litre flat-six engine derivative with a liftkit. That would be an unbeatable gravel and dune touring vehicle.

And your favourite Subaru of all time?
Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, so it must be the STi S204 Legacy wagon, which sadly was manufactured only for the Japanese domestic market.