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How To Plan A Road Trip For Couples

Road Trip Tips For Couples

If you’re looking for the clincher on how to prepare for a couple’s road trip, we’d risk being super slick and say all you need is:

  1. To really, really like your significant other
  2. Love your Subaru as much (if not more so)
  3. Want to go exploring

Ah! If only everything was as simple as you, your wheels and the wind in your hair (oops! We nearly forgot the part about your significant other). Seriously though, what an incredible experience it is to trade airline check-in queues for the open road, South Africa’s incredible countryside, and some of the quaintest little hidden gems imaginable. Everything else in the world has changed… why not your approach to the new faces in memorable places.

How to prepare for a couple’s road trip?

Because every walking minute in your Subaru is bliss, let’s think outside the box here. Travel ideas for couples don’t have to be the common hubs, right? Think Clarens, Hogsback, Paternoster, Cullinan, Dullstroom, Nieu-Bethesda, Nottingham Road, Prince Albert, Stanford, Darling and Swellendam. These are places for your couple’s road trip that you can go where the history of these towns forms the gossip at the local coffee shop, in the butchery and at the dairy. You could spend a few nights in a handful of them and meet the kinds of people you’re unlikely to find in Cape Town, Durban or Joburg. Read our tips on road trip preparation.

And while you’re heading to places unknown, why not turn the whole we-have-to-do-everything-together-just-because-we-are-a-couple thing on its head.

Road Trip Tips For Couples

Think about activities you might do along the way to or at your destination that you don’t do together. Yes, you read that correctly. Having something to teach the other one about can make for an adventurous conversation. And then, if you’re convincing enough, you can do it again — together.

To iron out the nitty gritties, consider the following when you’re planning your couple’s road trip:

  1. Both be involved in the planning, as much as possible
  2. Stock up on great snacks
  3. Pack cosy blankets and picnic gear
  4. Rest and swap drivers regularly
  5. Be sure you’ve checked and stocked your emergency kit
  6. Prepare the perfect playlist
  7. Don’t allow directions to start a fight
  8. Fill up your tank when it gets to half full
  9. Talk to each other (rather than staring at your phone), and
  10. Play some fun games

What are the top 5 fun road trip games for couples?

Some of the top 5 fun road trip games for couples can include ‘who are they’, ‘spicy storytelling’, ‘fortunately/unfortunately’, ‘two truths and a lie’, and ‘speaking in song’.

“Who are they?”

Pick a car travelling on the road with you and craft their story by imagining realities for the passengers inside. Who are they? What is their relationship? Are they a group of spies, headed to thwart an international villain? Get creative and share your stories.

“Spicy storytelling”

Start the game by having one of you begin the first line of the story. You can start with a simple: “There was an empty stool in a bar.” Next, your partner adds a line, and the story builds and builds. Depending on how creative the two of you are, this game could go on for ages. And considering you’re couple, why not add a sexy side to this game?

“Two truths and a lie”

This game is fun and simple to play. Simply say three statements – two truths and one lie. The second person must then guess which one statement the lie is. This is one of our favorite but simple road trip activities for couples.

“Fortunately / Unfortunately”

One of you begins the story with “fortunately.” For example: “Fortunately, I remembered to pack a sexy swimsuit.” The other person must follow up with a statement beginning with the word, “unfortunately.” For example: “Unfortunately, I took it out of your bag to make room for my running shoes.” You can also switch the game around by starting with unfortunate ideas first.

“Speaking in song”

With this one, you have to be able to carry-out an entire conversation by using only the titles and/or lyrics from songs — but spoken only. No singing allowed.

Whether you get to use any of these travel ideas for couples on your couple’s road trip or not, we hope you do one thing for sure: travel safely. Remember you can get your Subaru checked out before that couple’s road trip at our Approved Repair Network. And if you’re still in the brainstorming phase and still the need the actual Subaru before you take your Subaru road trip, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to experience Confidence in Motion for yourself, book a test drive or find your local dealership and come in for a chat. If you prefer to stay home and talk about anything-Subaru with one of our helpful representatives, call our Customer Care Department on +27 11 608 0116.

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