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Subaru WRX Test Drive

Sleek, sexy and built for ultimate performance; they say that once you take on a Subaru WRX test drive, you’ll never want to drive another car again. The power of the WRX is enabled by some of the most advanced automotive technologies the world has to offer. This sports sedan certainly stands out amongst its competitors as one of the most advanced and powerful cars in its class.

Book a WRX test drive online today and you’ll have the choice of taking the sexy 2.0 Turbocharged MT model or the sleek 2.0 Turbocharged Sports Lineartronic CVT model for a spin. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt nice and tight when you test drive the WRX, or else you could be blown away.

Subaru WRX Features

Symmetrical All-wheel Drive for superior control and the Subaru Boxer Engine for dynamic handling are just some of the outstanding features that come standard on this sports car. You’ll also get to experience a range of other top-class features and systems when you complete your own Subaru WRX review.

Take a look at the refined, comfortable, functional and sporty features you can expect to experience when you test drive a WRX;

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What to look for on a test drive?

When you test drive a Subaru – or any vehicle make for that matter – it’s key to make sure you test out these important features;

Engine & Brakes

Drive the car, get a feel for the power of the engine. How does it handle at slow speeds and around corners? How does it handle on the open road, at higher speed? How do the brakes feel when initiating them at both low and high speed? Does the car feel like it’s a good fit for you, your body and your needs?

Gear & Clutch

Don’t simply sit in the car and marvel at the leather seats; drive it. Get a feel for the clutch and the gears and how they handle. Does the car give you a seamless exchange between gears or does it feel sticky or cumbersome?

Interior Space & Exterior Look

Check out all the interior features that are promised by the car dealer. Test the infotainment system, test the rear-folding back seats and the turbo-boost gauge. Don’t be afraid to play with the buttons and make sure you understand exactly what everything is intended for. When checking out the exterior, look at the lines and get a feel for the exterior look in as much detail as you need to.

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