Customer Testimonials

There's a lot that goes into being SA's most loved vehicle brand, and being voted number one for customer service satisfaction in the 2012 SA Auto Brand survey*. Rather than tell you ourselves, here's what our customers have to say.

Mr Vince Jearey

The 2 Subi’s which I currently own were preceded by a 1998 2.0L Impreza. My wife drives the WRX and loves the security she feels from the All-Wheel drive traction and the power passing slower cars. I drive the STI as it is the ultimate driving experience. Why choose a Subi? – the power of the brand, performance, style, safety and pure driving pleasure. For me it’s important to know that my wife is safe.  I say stop wasting time and buy a Subaru!

Mr Gert Brits

Because I work in a very stressful environment, one needs to be able to relax, have a hobby and find something to do that you love. Just having my STI in the garage is all I need to relax and be happy. My daughter only wants to be taken to school in “Daddy’s toy” as she calls it. I have had all the models of Subaru about, ranging from the “bug eye” as we call it, all the way to the “hatchback” I bought for my wife. Having the WRX STI is the absolute form of fun you can have. My overall experience of the Subaru brand has been great, the best I have had from all the brand cars I have had in the past (extensive list). The fact that you are known by your name when you walk into Subaru, combined with the most knowledgeable people whom work at Subaru, puts my trust even further in Subaru. BUY IT!!! If you buy new, you would keep it forever and ever, besides getting a newer model down the line.