The 2016 Subaru Outback is now safer than ever

2016 Outback models now provide even greater levels of safety with the standard of Blind spot detection, Lane change assist and Rear cross traffic alert . Even more reason to command adventure with Subaru peace of mind and confidence.

“The Subaru Outback is the sum of all things. All things to a practically-minded, adventurous, family-oriented, outdoorsy person who also appreciates a performance car that will plant a smile on his or her face when they drive it…”

~ Danie Botha - Leisure Wheels

Designed with space in mind

Owing largely to its raised estate car body shape, space in the Subaru Outback is a primary focus in its design. Legroom, headroom and enlarged cabin space, enhance long-distance and daily comfort dramatically.


Cargo space for everything you need and more

A 512 litre boot in the new Subaru Outback models can easily be enlarged to a massive 1 801 litres by folding the rear seats, making the Outback ideal for a family holiday or a trip to the hardware store. Pets will also find it easy to ride in the Outback thanks to its lower loading sill.

Any road, any weather

With an impressive ground clearance of 213mm, taking the Outback off-road is a fuss-free affair. Clever built-in roof rails add to the practicality, allowing any equipment to be carried with ease.

Hands always on the wheel

The multi-function steering wheel features audio, Bluetooth hands free and cruise control buttons, meaning that both hands always remain on the wheel. Voice commands allows the driver to speak to the system to control the audio system, place a mobile call and change the air-conditioning levels. Siri eyes free provides even more voice command functionality for compatible Apple devices.

Uniquely adventurous wheels

18-inch premium alloy wheels, reflects the vehicles ability to crossover from rugged off-roader to luxurious city sedan.

  • Full leather interior for added comfort

    Full leather upholstery and detailing means comfort can be felt in all directions. Go off-roading in style with the leather-wrapped steering wheel and transmission lever.

  • Classy entertainment

    The Subaru Outback’s fully-integrated, newly designed entertainment system features Bluetooth compatibility, an aux port and a voice command system to control your radio, climate control, with Siri eyes free for even more voice command functionality for compatible Apple devices. All models include a 12-speaker Harman Kardon speaker system as standard.

  • Built-in cross bars

    Complementing the standard roof rails, are unique built-in cross bars for added functionality and practicality. Swing them across the vehicle body when needed, and back into normal storage position when not needed. No need for additional cross / roof rails.

  • Electric sunroof

    A powered tilting and sliding sunroof allows the cabin to be bathed in refreshing light and let the breeze in when the time is right. Perfect for fresh summer afternoons and winter's natural sunlight warmth.

  • Key-less entry and push-button starting

    Full key-less access with push-button starting means operating your Outback is that much simpler. Enter by simply grabbing the door handle and lock with the slightest touch of your finger – while your keys stay safe on your person.

  • Dual-zone climate control

    Dual-zone climate control brings individualised air conditioning settings to the Subaru Outback. You choose the temperature and your Outback will maintain it for you.

  • Electric parking brake

    Enhance everyday use with the standard electronic parking brake. Operated via a button rather than a conventional lever, the electronic parking brake has a safety-conscious auto-release function as well.


Dedicated to safety

Building on our proud safety credentials; new for 2016 models is the inclusion of Blind spot detection, Lane change assist and Rear cross traffic alert . All of this adds to our five-star safety ratings, making the Outback one of the safest crossover vehicles in its segment. After all, we know how precious your cargo is.


“The latest Subaru Outback is an impressive offering that brings premium finishes, outstanding practicality and impressive gravel-road ability. It really is a vehicle that is very hard to fault…”

~ cars.co.za

Safety equipment in every direction

From bumper to bumper, the Subaru Outback is loaded with safety equipment. 

  •  Ring-shaped cabin reinforcement™ - made of high-tensile-strength steel, it directs impact energy around the passenger compartment, rather than through it.
  • Seven airbags -   including a rollover sensor, to help deploy the airbags in the most effective way possible. 
  • Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror - cleverly dims your rear view mirror when bright headlights fill your rear view, minimising glare for night-time driving.
  • Auto High Beams - senses the road ahead and automatically turns to low beam for oncoming traffic.



Blind Spot Detection with Lane Change Assist

Using radar sensors, the Blind-Spot Detection system warns you with a visual indicator in each side mirror if a vehicle is sensed in your blind spots. Another feature of this system, Lane Change Assist, alerts you with a flashing indicator in each side mirror if it senses a vehicle approaching in a neighboring lane while you signal for a lane change

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

The Rear Cross-Traffic Alert uses radar sensors to help warn you of traffic approaching from the side as you are backing up, utilizing a flashing visual indicator in your side mirror and an audible warning.

Reversing camera

Reduce the risk of vehicle damage and pedestrian impact when reversing thanks to a full-colour reversing camera fitted is standard to all models, complete with guide lines.

Vehicle Dynamics Control

VDC controls the Antilock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), TCS Limited Slip Device, Brake Override System (BOS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA).


Subaru’s core technology

Subaru prides itself on being unique in the automotive world in that its vehicles make use of incredibly special technology, which not only give them a unique presence but also provide inherent benefits to safety, fuel economy and driving enjoyment.


Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™

A Subaru hallmark, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™ realises a completely symmetrical drivetrain, with power being split equally between the front and rear axles, as well as the left and right sides of the car. Managed electronically, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™ is also able to determine exactly how much power each individual wheel receives, ensuring that the wheels with the most grip receive the power.

On the road, this means ultimate handling prowess and confidence and when the going gets rough, precise power distribution makes obstacle-climbing and dirt road handling an impeccably easy and safe affair.

Boxer® engine design

Unique to the Subaru brand, every Subaru vehicle is powered by a Boxer® engine. Nicknamed so due to the punching action of its horizontally-opposed pistons, Boxer® engine design results not only in superior power delivery and the typical Subaru thrum in the exhaust note, but also a smooth, balanced drive, playing perfectly into the hands of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive™. Because they are flat, Boxer® engines can also be mounted lower-down in the engine bay, reducing the vehicle’s centre of gravity and thereby vastly improving road holding.

X Mode with hill descent function

Fitted to all models, X Mode makes its debut as an off-road driving enhancement tool. Now, negotiating even the steepest slopes is easy, with X Mode allowing you the Outback to automatically descend at a set pace, with driver intervention allowing you to speed up or slow down with confidence and in safety.

Lineartronic™ CVT

Subaru’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) allows for the easy-going nature of an automatic gearbox without the sensation of gear changes. Thanks to its pulley-based design, Lineartronic™ offers a completely seamless drive for ultimate comfort and ease of use, complete with sporty manual-shift paddles for when the mood takes you.