Customer Testimonials

There's a lot that goes into being SA's most loved vehicle brand, and being voted number one for customer service satisfaction in the 2012 SA Auto Brand survey*. Rather than tell you ourselves, here's what our customers have to say.

Mr Hendri Opperman

In my profession I often need to traverse off-road conditions such as soft sandy dry riverbeds, dune sand, muddy conditions as well as slippery/muddy gravel roads to get to remote borehole water supply schemes. I therefore need a suitable vehicle to safely transport me there and back. Apart from that I also need the same car to act as a family vehicle and therefore my Forester is the ideal option for me. I have owned 2 Foresters during the past 7 years with not even one breakdown. The only time my Forester went to the dealership was for a service. Go for it, you'll never look back!

Mr Christo Visser

We own 4 Subaru's presently (3 Foresters and a Legacy), and love the quality of the cars, and the quality of customer service from our dealership. We can go anywhere we want to anytime knowing that the cars won't ever let us down. From 2001 to 2005, we were proud to be the only Subaru owners in Swellendam. As a family , we believe in buying Subaru's only.

Mr Chris Jooste

I did a lot of research before buying my first Subaru and discovered Subaru's amazing safety, reliability and All-Wheel drive. My current Forester is my 2nd Subaru. Being a mountain biker I can use my Forester to go anywhere I want to. It is a pleasure to drive, very safe, gives you (perhaps too much) confidence on and off-road and not as thirsty as some people would like to believe. You can't get anything close to a Subaru. You can go for a test drive, but I am sure you will agree there is nothing to compare - especially on dirt roads, mud, sand, or in the wet.

Mr Gavin Mack

We are city dwellers who enjoy getting out in the bush. Now on our 3rd Forester and finding that my vehicle is an excellent "car" and "off-roader". Safety and driveability is what we require. Now with its improved fuel consumption it is the perfect vehicle. It is one of those cars where all that ever needs attending to are routine oil changes - never any other issues. You need to drive the car. Most people are a little put off by the "cult" following. It can only be truly appreciated by driving in all conditions - bad weather, on the freeway and off-road. Nothing does all 3 jobs better. The surefootedness of driving in a Johannesburg thunderstorm when half the road is covered in water and the car still goes straight is something you only appreciate when you experience it.

Mr Charles Costello

I have found my Forester to be reliable, safe, good for doing a bit of "bundu bashing" and low risk from a theft/hijacking perspective. It is a pleasure to drive, especially on long trips. The All-Wheel drive and safety features are a bonus in wet weather and in many other potentially tight situations.

Dirk Vale

I love the brand, and am proud to own such a great vehicle. The Forester is a joy to drive, the way in which rainy and off-road conditions are a breeze to deal with, and the manner in which the car makes you want to plan more and more road trips. Every time my car has gone in for a service I've found everyone friendly and helpful. The space the Forester has, the fuel consumption I get from the amazing Diesel Boxer motor, and of course the amazing All-Wheel drive system on the vehicle. The biggest bonus is being part of such a wonderful extended Subaru family. Drive one and you'll understand.