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Here’s How To Drive Keyless With Subaru

We’ve all done it – the car key fumble when we’re juggling groceries or camping gear or the kids’ backpacks and bags. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a way to open your car just by being in its vicinity – no buttons, keys or immobilisers? 

Good news. 

Subaru keyless entry is just such an innovation – simply, when you approach your car, the Subaru keyless entry fob sends a signal to the car that unlocks the doors and disables the alarm. You can also use the fob to lock the doors and arm the alarm. Subaru’s keyless entry is a welcome bit of delightful gadgetry, that’s practical too.

Let’s unpack it here a little more.

What Is Subaru’s Keyless Technology and How Does It Work?

Subaru’s keyless technology is a system that allows you to unlock and start your car without having to use a traditional key. The system uses a small transmitter that is carried on your Subaru keyless entry fob, and it communicates with the car’s computer to unlock the doors and start the engine. 

One of the most important features of Subaru’s keyless technology is the ability to disable the engine if the transmitter is not in range. This prevents someone from stealing your car by hot-wiring it. Other systems may allow the engine to be started without the transmitter, but Subaru’s system will shut off the engine if the transmitter is more than a few feet away from the car.

How to Use the Keyless Start System on Your Subaru?

If your Subaru has a keyless start system, you may be wondering how to use it. Here’s a quick guide:

    • To start the engine, simply press and hold the “Start” button on the key fob. You can also activate the keyless start system by pressing the “Start” button on the dashboard.
    • Once the engine is running, you can keep it running by pressing the “Start” button again or by turning the key to the “On” position.
    • To turn off the engine, simply press and hold the “Stop” button on the key fob. You can also turn off the engine by pressing the “Stop” button on the dashboard.
  • You can also activate or deactivate the keyless start system by pressing the “Lock” or “Unlock” button on the Subaru keyless entry fob.

The Benefits of Using Subaru’s Keyless Technology

If you’re looking for a car with state-of-the-art keyless technology, Subaru is a great option. Here are some of the benefits of using Subaru’s keyless entry and start system: 

  1. The system is very convenient – you don’t have to search for keys in your pocket or purse when you’re trying to get into your car. Just have the key fob in your hand and you can unlock the doors and start the engine without ever having to take the key out of your pocket. 
  2. The system is also more secure than a traditional keyed ignition. With keyless ignition, would-be thieves can’t just hotwire your car – they need to have the key fob to start it. 
  3. The keyless system can also be a lifesaver in an emergency situation. If you’re ever locked out of your car, or if the battery in your key fob dies, you can still start the engine by using the backup key inside the fob. 

Subaru Keyless Entry – Frequently Asked Questions

How far can you drive a keyless Subaru car?

You can drive a keyless Subaru car as far as you want, but keep in mind that the car will only start if the key fob is within range. If you’re planning on driving a long distance, make sure to bring the key fob with you. Otherwise, you may find yourself stranded.

Does Subaru Outback have keyless entry?

Yes, the Subaru Outback does have keyless entry as a standard feature. This allows you to unlock and lock the doors of your vehicle without having to use a physical key. Simply having the key fob in your possession is enough to activate this feature. If you lose your Subaru keyless entry fob, you can still use a physical key to enter your vehicle.

How do I programme my Subaru keyless entry?

If you have a Subaru with keyless entry, you may be wondering how to programme the keyless entry system. Here are some simple instructions to follow: 

  1. Find the ‘keyless entry’ button on your car’s dash. This is usually located near the window controls.
  2. Press and hold the ‘keyless entry’ button for about 5 seconds. You should see a light on the button start to blink.
  3. Take your remote control and press the ‘unlock’ button. The light on the ‘keyless entry’ button should stop blinking and stay lit.
  4. That’s it. Your Subaru’s keyless entry system is now programmed and ready to use.

How do you unlock a Subaru without a key?

If you have the key fob, you can use the emergency key to unlock the door. If you don’t have the key or Subaru keyless fob, it’s best to call your Subaru dealer direct for assistance. 

How do I find my Subaru key code?

If you’re looking for your Subaru key code, there are a few places you can check. First, try looking in your owner’s manual. The key code should be listed there, usually under “Security” or “Locks.” If it’s not there, try contacting your local Subaru dealer. They should be able to help you track down the key code.

Subaru’s keyless entry is more than just a cool, convenient feature – it’s a safety add-on, too. For more on the smart technology featured in all Subaru models, contact us at +27 11 608 0116 or send an email to info@subaru.co.za.  

Or, experience it first hand – book a test drive now.

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