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Subaru Core Technology

There’s a Subaru way of doing things. It’s a philosophy, a way of thinking that puts the occupants of the car first. It’s why every Subaru is uniquely put together. From the ground up, every Subaru is engineered to deliver unmatched levels of safety and driving characteristics.  It’s what confidence in motion is all about. It’s why Subaru has continued with its tried and tested Boxer engine layout and technology coupled  to a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. These all contribute to better handling in adverse or emergency conditions.

At the heart of every Subaru, the technology and systems all work together to bring better traction, agility and stability – giving you, the driver absolute confidence. The videos below showcase how these work to keep you safer and more in control.

Less Roll

Subaru’s famed Boxer Engine results in a lower centre of gravity for the car. This means less body roll when turning which means more agility and control particularly helpful when executing obstacle avoidance.

Less Yaw

Subaru’s Symmetrical layout of engine and transmission means less understeer/oversteer and more confident driving according to driver inputs. Safer driving all round.

Less Pitch

Under heavy braking or acceleration, cars tend to pitch down or up due to the weight transfer. Subaru’s permanent all-wheel drive set up, reduces this and in turn this gives more driving confidence and less driver fatigue.

Body Rigidity

All new Subaru vehicles are built on the newest Subaru Global Platform, the most rigid platform ever employed on any Subaru. Delivering superb dynamics and handling is best achieved through a rigid body structure that responds quickly to intended driver inputs.

Subaru Stability

Symmetry provides stability: This is why the Boxer engine layout is so vital, improving road-holding and weight imbalances. It allows engineers to increase the length of the suspension travel which ensures more contact on the surface of all tyres.

Straight-Line Stability

Symmetry also allows for improved straight-line running. This means you as a driver are responsible for less steering corrections and inputs particularly over long journeys. Less fatigue – safer driving.

Subaru Traction

Full Time All-Wheel Drive. The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system employed on all Subaru cars is a full time all-wheel drive system that constantly distributes power to all four wheels. This is unlike other ‘on-demand’ four wheel drive systems which only switch to AWD when slip is detected. On all Subaru vehicles, traction is most available at all times which makes for more confident driving and ensures faster and more confident manoeuvrability when driving conditions suddenly change.


For the Tough Stuff. X-Mode works with the AWD system to get you out of those more adventurous driving situations. It’s what gives a little more room to explore and expand the adventure. X-Mode has a number of modes for different driving situations and the system detects the amount of grip at each wheel. Where slip is detected, the system decreases power to that wheel and increases power to the wheels where the most grip is available. It controls the engine, brakes, transmission, VDC and AWD to help you drive out of the tough stuff.

Clearing Obstacles Safely

Subaru vehicles are designed with your adventure in mind. The body paint is harder to scratch, the approach and departure angles are higher than most competitors in class and the underbody is protected for those times when you do scrape or touch something unintentionally. Just a little more peace of mind when you’re off the beaten track.