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Approved Repair Network

Subaru Approved Repair Network

Alongside Subaru’s Dealerships and Service Centre’s, we partner with a range of Subaru Repair Specialists trained to be able to service and repair your vehicle to the highest and most exact standards that Subaru demands. Are you asking yourself, where is there a Subaru Repair Shop near me? Well, take a look at our Subaru Repair Network list and find an approved specialist centre today.

Get access to technicians and workshops that are kitted out with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to fix, repair and maintain your Subaru. We have a network of Subaru Repair Centre’s across South Africa and we’ve put all their information together in one easy to find spot.

All you need to do is select the province you would like to find a centre in, and browse through the list of approved specialist centres now.


Where is the nearest Subaru Repair Centre?

Looking for a Subaru Repair Shop Near you? Find the nearest Subaru Repair Centre easily now by searching through our online tool which provides all the information and contact details of every repair centre in our network.

Alternatively, speak to you nearest Subaru dealership now to ask for advice on the nearest and best repair centre to go to.

Why choose a Subaru approved specialist?

When it comes to fixing or servicing your superior quality Subaru, it’s essential to firstly fit Subaru genuine parts and then to use an approved service centre to do the work;

Subaru Genuine Parts

Choosing to use Subaru genuine parts is an investment in the power and longevity of your vehicle. If you need to service your vehicle or replace a part for your Subaru, always make sure you replace it with a genuine Subaru part and not a cheap, knock off. When you fit a genuine part, you are ensuring that your Subaru will continue to perform at its peak for a lot longer.

To find out more about a Subaru spare part that needs replacing, fill in this easy to understand online form now and a Subaru Service Agent will get back to your shortly.

Subaru Service Booking

Regularly servicing your Subaru at the allotted intervals is integral to the performance of the car. Each Subaru model requires regularly scheduled services to maintain the running of the engine and to check the quality of the parts within the engine. Choose your local dealer or an approved Subaru Service Centre to carry out all scheduled maintenance in order to ensure that the highest standard of technical excellence is maintained. Book your Subaru in for an approved service today.


Where can I go for Subaru Repairs?

You’ll be able to find a variety of service repair centre’s available on our Approved Repair Network that will be able to carry out skilled Subaru repairs. We have put together a comprehensive list of the centres in our network that we trust to offer you excellent service and skilled repairs.

Keep your Subaru performing as it should with Subaru Genuine Parts.

What to expect from Subaru South Africa?

Our name is synonymous with pure driving pleasure and our goal is to bring Confidence in Motion to every Subaru driver who gets behind the wheel of a superior sedan or SUV in our fleet. Every Subaru make offer engineering excellence through features like Symmetrical All-wheel Drive (SAWD) and EyeSight pre-collision technology designed to bring better handling and peace of mind at all times.

Choose from the Subaru range of vehicles today which include SUV’s like the Forester, Outback and XV or sedan cars like the Impreza, WRX and WRX STI too.

Take the Subaru you like the most for a spin and get a feel for it’s handling power and pleasure for yourself.

We promise Pure Driving Enjoyment. Subaru, Confidence in Motion.

How much do Subaru genuine parts cost?

The cost of Subaru genuine parts will all depend on the extent of the replacement and time taken. If you’d like to know how much a certain part will cost, talk to a friendly service advisor at your Subaru dealership now. Your local dealer will gladly give you a quote as the cost of replacement and servicing of your Subaru model. Keep your Subaru performing as it should with Subaru Genuine Parts. We promise Pure Driving Enjoyment. Subaru, Confidence in Motion.