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How To Choose The Right Family Car At Subaru

Compiling a list of the best family SUV would have just about every carmaker vying for your attention. But with unmatched safety and commitment to the innovation that delivers Confidence in Motion, we’re going to skip the lip service to the other impressive brands out there and share what cars for families we at Subaru think you should consider.

Oh, and the list comprises both the best family SUV and best sedan family car options.

The small family adventure crossover

family car Subaru XV

If small family adventures are your lifestyle vibes, then the Subaru XV might be just what you’re looking for. Okay, it’s neither a sedan nor an SUV, but this crossover perfectly fits the cars for families category.

With superior handling in all-weather capabilities, this is one of the leading crossover cars available on the market. So whether it’s camping, hiking or biking trails, or even just the school run, safety and comfort it’s yours for the taking — just like life’s adventures.

A little bigger on family SUV

vehicles for families Subaru Forester

Moving on to something a little bigger is the all-new 2022 Forester. This class-defining family SUV delivers more excitement than ever before with more power and more trim options. With the Boxer® 4-cylinder engine and Symmetrical all-wheel-drive capabilities, you and your family are all good to go where adventure is concerned.

The off-road-to-school-run family SUV

family SUV Subaru Outback

Topping off the category in the Subaru family SUV options is the Outback with its sleek interior and technologically advanced capabilities — standard with this Subaru SUV. This top-class town car with rugged off-road readiness puts you in the driving seat of your family’s adventures.

The perfect family sedans

sedan family car Subaru Impreza

There are more options in the Subaru line-up that make the perfect family car. Both the Subaru Impreza and the Subaru WRX bolster the sedan family car contingent in our range. It’s all about driver experience and these models are ready for your lifestyle on every level. With Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Voice Recognition software, and dual-zone air conditioning, you’ve got stylish, innovative details both inside and out.

Also standard with SAWD and a super-strong chassis, supported by a rally-honed, fully-independent suspension system to ensure unmatched cornering capabilities, precision, and stability. SAWD distributes power to all four wheels for better traction on wet and slippery roads. The entire drive system — from the longitudinally-mounted horizontally-opposed Boxer engine to the rear differential — is mounted in a straight, symmetrical line.

You can fetch the kids from school, and you can take things up a notch or two when you’re cruising solo. The best thing about the visceral enjoyment at a sensible pace or something more adrenaline-fuelled is inimitable safety. Guaranteed.

Choosing a family car is about you and your unique family’s needs, likes, and ways of enjoying your time before and after you’ve done all the things you have to do — and get busy enjoying all the things you want to do!

Why not take one of our vehicles for families for a test drive? Reach out to us on +27 11 608 0116 via email at info@subaru.co.za, or find your nearest dealership and come in for a chat. Our skilled, car-loving team is ready and willing to turn talk into torque and show you just why we’re so passionate about all things Subaru.

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