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The Subaru Outback Model History and Best Buy Option

Known as one of the most durable and capable crossover SUV’s on the market right now, the Subaru Outback has been a car synonymous with reliability since it was launched…

The Subaru Outback Model History and Best Buy Option

Known as one of the most durable and capable crossover SUV’s on the market right now, the Subaru Outback has been a car synonymous with reliability since it was launched to market nearly 30 years ago. Let’s take a look at the Subaru Outback model history, from where it all began back in 1994 to where the car has evolved to today.

Subaru Outback Models by Year

Let’s take a look at the Subaru Outback models by year, discovering the journey this car has taken from the early 90’s to the naughty 20’s. Let’s compare Subaru Outback models now;

The Outback was originally born from the design of the second-generation Subaru Legacy. It first hit the proverbial shelves in 1994 as the Legacy Outback and in 1995 the next model Legacy Outback offered brand new features and revamps like two-tone body paint and roof racks. The Outback was named after the Australian Outback and Subaru chose this name because they wanted the car to represent both ruggedness and comfort to drivers across the world.  The Legacy Outback continued to get a few facelifts through the 1990’s, with Subaru designers refining the hatchback SUV model year on year.


The 1st-generation Subaru Outback

From 2000 – 2004, Subaru made the Outback name famous.

In 2000, the second-generation Subaru Outback was released, breaking away from the Legacy as a crossover unto its own. The second-generation Outback featured more interior space as well as revised rear suspension. In 2005 the car got a boost in the form of a turbocharged 2.5l four-cylinder motor, giving it a significant kick in terms of power.

Subaru Outback 2010

Subaru Outback 2010

Between 2010 and 2018, a variety of different Subaru Outback models appeared, each one refining certain features and enhancing others along the way. In 2019 the latest Outback edition was showcased with the new 3.6R-S ES model being launched which was bigger, stronger and more capable than anyone could have imagined.


The 2016 Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback Model Comparison

Currently there are two Subaru Outback models, namely; the 2.5i-S ES model and the 3.6R-S ES model

Take a look at the shortened comparison table between the two models

2.5i-S ES 3.6R-S ES
8-way Leather Power Seat – driver and front passenger Yes  Yes
60/40 split folding rear seats Yes Yes
Touch Screen Infotainment System with 6-speaker CD system & Bluetooth Hands Free Functionality 8.0-inch 8.0-inch
11 Harmon Kardon Speakers, Subwoofer & Amplifier Yes Yes
EyeSight Driver Assist System (Pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, pre-collision throttle management etc) Yes Yes
Rear Camera Yes Yes
7 x SRS Airbags Yes Yes
Symmetrical All-wheel Drive System Yes Yes
Vehicle Dynamics Control System Yes Yes
X-mode with Hill Descent Control Yes Yes
Electronic Stability Control Yes Yes
Fuel Consumption (litres/100km) 7.3 9.9
Price R651 000 R726 000


Subaru Outback Models to Avoid

When it comes to looking at legacy models and which is the best Subaru Outback model to buy there is no such thing as avoiding one model over another. It really depends on your personal preference and what you’re looking for in terms of features, capabilities and price. At Subaru pre-owned, you’ll be able to pick up a 2011 Subaru Outback 2.5l Premium for around R130 000 with a petrol engine and all-wheel drive capabilities for example- a great car and even better price.

Whenever you’re looking at purchasing an older, used vehicle always ask to see its service history and give it a test drive if you can. In fact, this goes for new, off-the-showroom floor models too.

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