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How to Find Your Perfect Match: Test Drive Subaru Models

subaru test drive

How to Find Your Perfect Match: Test Drive Subaru Models to Discover Your Ideal Vehicle

What does the ideal vehicle look like to you? Is it sporty and fun, or classic and modern? Does it need to have certain accessories or have mandatory air-conditioning? Meet Subaru. The number one car brand in safety, known to be extremely reliable for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a family car SUV or a rally-inspired car to bring out your need for speed; Subaru is here to help you find your perfect match.


Why a Test Drive Matters 


Test driving is an important step in the car-buying process. Not only does it allow you to experience the car first-hand, it’s an opportunity to find out as much as possible about the car. Some people don’t buy clothes without trying them on, the concept with cars is pretty much the same.


Once you drive a Subaru, there’s no going back. Experience the joy of driving a Subaru today and feel the power of the engine in your hands. From effortless power-steering to a smooth driving experience, there’s nothing more enjoyable than experiencing the power of Subaru for yourself.


We don’t recommend you test drive any Subaru car for the sake of it. Rather test drive the car that speaks to your soul and the one you can envision yourself driving out of the dealership. That’s how you know you found the perfect match.


Exploring Subaru Models: New or Used Cars


Ready to put your foot on the Subaru pedal? Now’s your chance to explore our range of new or used Subaru cars; let’s get into it:


  • Subaru SUVs: New or pre-loved, these types of cars are perfect for the family-oriented. With ample cargo space, comfortable seating, and innovative technology, Subaru SUVs ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride for both the driver and passengers, making them an ideal choice for families on the go.


  • Sedans and Hatchbacks: Our lineup of new and second-hand sedans and hatchbacks are what we deem as ‘versatility at its best.’ Models like the Subaru Impreza, showcase sleek designs, fuel-efficient engines, and modern interiors, making it well-suited for urban commuting and long-distance travel alike.


  • Performance and Sports Cars: If you want to unleash the power of your Subaru sports car and hear the engine purr, our new or pre-owned Subaru WRX and WRX STI models are for you. These cars are tailored for those who crave the thrill of the open road and the joy of pushing a vehicle to its limits, combining performance and style to create an unforgettable driving adventure.


Discovering Safety and Technology Features 


When you’re doing your test drive in a Subaru car of choice, there’s certain safety and technological features to pay attention to. Subaru’s revolutionary EyeSight Driver Assistance Technology is a cutting-edge system that employs stereo cameras to provide a comprehensive view of the road ahead. 


Coming up next is Subaru’s All-Wheel-Drive system that brings you confidence in motion on any terrain. This feature not only enhances driving performance, but also instils confidence in various weather conditions. Another feature to get acquainted with is adaptive cruise control. This intelligent system goes beyond traditional cruise control by adjusting the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe following distance from the car ahead.


Lastly, the Blind-Spot Monitoring system acts as a second pair of eyes, alerting drivers to the presence of vehicles in their blind spots. This is something you should check out too.


Test Drive Experience – A Journey of Exploration 


Embarking on a test drive of a Subaru vehicle offers a firsthand experience of its on-road performance and handling. Whether it’s the responsive acceleration, smooth braking, or nimble steering, Subaru cars are engineered to provide a dynamic and enjoyable driving experience.


Don’t forget to explore the interior comfort and design elements of the car. This provides you with an opportunity to assess features such as supportive seating, ample legroom, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the cabin. During the test drive, get to know the different safety and driver-assist features and infotainment system. Experiencing Subaru’s safety measures first hand provides assurance and highlights the brand’s commitment to protecting both the driver and passengers on the road.


Embracing the Subaru Lifestyle 


Subaru isn’t just a car, it’s a way of life. The Subaru lifestyle can be enjoyed and embraced by everyone who’s looking for both safety and performance in a car. Subaru owners often find themselves joining a community that shares a love for adventure, exploration, and the outdoors. Their testimonials often highlight specific features or moments that resonate with owners, offering prospective buyers a genuine perspective on what it’s like to live the Subaru lifestyle.


At the core of embracing the Subaru lifestyle is our unwavering commitment to customer service. Subaru prioritises customer satisfaction throughout the ownership journey, from the initial purchase to ongoing maintenance and support.


Why Choose Subaru as Your Trusted Automotive Expert/Advisor 


With decades of experience in crafting reliable and innovative vehicles, Subaru has established itself as a trusted name in the automotive industry. As a result of this, we’ve achieved numerous NCAP, JNCAP & ANCAP awards, and earned recognition from industry experts and organisations. 


This is all made possible due to our continuous commitment to quality and reliability. In every single aspect of the manufacturing process, from the selection of materials to the rigorous testing procedures, we make sure nothing falls short of our quality standards. We love our Subaru family too, our commitment to customer satisfaction reinforces the idea that Subaru not only produces reliable vehicles, but also actively supports and cares for those who choose to drive its cars.


Test Drive Your Perfect Match Today! 


If the above points weren’t enough to convince you, we recommend visiting your nearest Subaru dealership to experience Subaru for yourself. Unlock the Subaru ownership experience by booking a test drive and starting your adventure with Subaru.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What safety features make Subaru stand out from other car brands?

A: Subaru stands out from other car brands due to its comprehensive approach to safety, incorporating a range of features and technologies designed to enhance driver confidence. These features include Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive technology, EyeSight Driver Assist technology, blind-spot detection and more.


Q: Can I test drive a used Subaru before making a purchase decision?

A: Yes, you can, but remember that a test drive is a crucial part of the buying process, and allows you to make an informed decision about the used Subaru’s suitability for your needs.


Q: How can I schedule a Subaru test drive near me?

A: You can schedule a Subaru test drive by either visiting your nearest Subaru dealership or making a booking online.


Q: Does Subaru offer any hybrid or electric vehicle options?

A: In 2023, Subaru introduced the Solterra, which is an electric vehicle in the model range. This model unfortunately is not available in South Africa.


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