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Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI) is a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), which was established to undertake the motorsport activities of Subaru.

STI's core business is supplying motorsport base vehicles and competition parts and planning and developing Subaru Limited Edition Models. By applying special tuning techniques as well as planning and selling accessories and tuning parts to add variety to car life for auto enthusiasts worldwide, STI aims to provide its many Subaru enthusiasts with special satisfaction.

Road cars built for the track

STi Motorsport History

Those who dare, win.

It's a history written in tarmac, carved in gravel and burnished with glory. Since its debut in the World Rally Championship, the WRX STI has taken on the most gruelling challenges in motorsport and thrown down some of the most extreme acts of performance. Each test adds to its quickness, its toughness and its legend.


STi Motorsport History


The first Subaru to enter into the World Rally Championships (WRC). Just in case you could not find it.


Rally 1000 Lakes in Finland. The legend of McRae's never-lift driving and never-quit Subaru reliability is born.


Win number 1 of 47 in the WRC comes as Colin McRae power-slides the Subaru Legacy through the flowing gravel stages of Raly New Zealand. It was the final race for the Legacy in the World Rally Championship.


The STI-tuned Impreza rally car is unleashed on the WRC in Finland at the Rally 1000 Lakes. It took second place in it's first event. 46 victories would follow.


Subaru takes it's first World Rally Championship. Finishing 1-2 with Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz for the season, Subaru also wins the Manufacturers' World Championship.


Subaru powers to 3 wins, including 2 in a row to close the season and take a second consecutive Manufacturers' World Championship.


The trademark tall rear spoiler is first bolted to the STI-tuned Impreza rally car. It dominates, winning 8 times that year. Also taking its third straight consecutive Manufacturers' World Championship.


The "Bug-eye" Impreza sets onto the WRC scene. Petter Solberg joins the Subaru team. Richard Burns wins the second Drivers' World Championship for Subaru.


With 4 wins, including victory in the season finale at Rally Great Britain, Petter Solberg comes from behind to claim the third Drivers' Championship for Subaru.


Colin McRae caps his Subaru legend the same way he started it. In the first X-Games Rally Championship, McRae rolls his WRX STI on the penultimate corner in an all-or-nothing charge for the win, losing only by just 0.13 secs. The winner: teammate Travis Pastrana. A new era for Subaru begins.


Flying 269 feet from the dock of a floating barge, Travis Pastrana jumps his WRX STI to a new world record over Long Beach's Rainbow Harbour. A bold way to celebrate 4 consecutive Rally America championship wins.


Rally legend Tommi Makinen comes out of retirement to set the official fastest production sedan record in a WRX STI on the Nurburgring's Nordschleife. He sets a time of 7:55 on the world's most famed and demanding road course.


Powering through fog and mist, Subaru Rally Team USA driver David Higgins breaks the record in the Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds. See him better the previous time set by Travis Pastrana also in a WRX STI just one year earlier.


Setting a new record for the fastest car to ever lap the historic Isle of Man TT course, Mark Higgins averages over 115 mph through the narrow lanes and walled village streets. And survives a fishtailing 150-mph slide to make it even more memorable.


The Subaru racing story turns from rally to road racing. Using its AWD traction on a slick course, the WRX STI wins it's class in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring on the twisting, rolling Nordschleife combined course. See the 24 Hours unfold in minutes.


The Subaru race team once again wins it's class in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring with the use of the formidable WRX STI. See the 24 Hours unfold in minutes.


Mark Higgins, in his 2014 Subaru STI, breaks his own world record set in 2011 for the fastest car lap around the iconic Isle of Man TT course with an average speed of 188km/h.

The challenge continues

You've experienced every achievement on the motorsport heritage hot lap. This is just the start, STI has big plans for the future, and there are many more achievements still to come. Watch the video to see the 2014 WRX STI that participated in the 2014 NBR Challenge.

The WRX STI is not just a road car, it’s decades of research, rally experience and pure passion for motorsport packaged into an experience like no other.