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Confidence in Motion

Driving Confidence

When it comes to confidence, Subaru South Africa wants to make sure you experience every level of confidence when driving a superior Subaru. We are driven by our global Subaru brand statement, Confidence in Motion, which means we strive to create our own vision of mobility in every design and detail. We know that we cannot be all things to all people, but we can aim for perfection in what we do best.

Subaru incorporates technological ingenuity and engineering excellence in all of our world-class vehicles. We want the Subaru driver to have the confidence and peace of mind to go anywhere, anytime. Thanks to advanced safety features, outstanding technological innovations as well as world-class roadside assistance services, driving a Subaru in South Africa will evoke pure driving enjoyment, every time.

Pure Driving Enjoyment

What is Subaru’s Global Brand Statement?

Subaru’s Confidence in Motion is a global brand statement that leads us from where we’ve come and directs us to where we’re going. Whether you’re driving the kid’s to school in your safe, reliable Forester or testing the limits of motor sporting genius in the WRX, we want you to experience the ultimate in safe, comfortable and confident driving.

The Subaru Experience

The Subaru brand is synonymous with safety; we believe that state-of-the-art safety features should be the standard not optional extras. We’ve been crash-testing our vehicles since 1965 and we’ve spent over 20 years perfecting the global-standard in safety technology. Features like our driver assist technology, EyeSight, helps the Subaru driver to detect objects, cars and pedestrians all around the car, helping to avoid accidents before they even happen.

The Subaru experience is definitely one that centres around both confidence and safety. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Subaru Engineering Excellence

Technological ingenuity and engineering excellence are what you’ll come to expect when driving a Subaru. Our global team of engineers and mechanical experts work together to create technological features and innovative standards for all Subaru models. Features like Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive or SAWD come standard on all Subaru vehicles and allows power to be distributed evenly to all four wheels. The technology features in all Subaru makes are designed to make the car handle better, offering your confidence and driving pleasure.

Variable Transmission and Intelligent Drive, are additional technology features to look forward to when driving a Subaru. These options offer drivers the peace of mind to know that the advanced Subaru Boxer Engine is controlling both the engine and transmission intelligently allowing it to tweak and enhance the modes as and when you need it without you even knowing it. Intelligent driving and motion confidence are what you will come to expect as the norm when it comes to Subaru.

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Subaru South African proudly boasts dealerships in every major province in the country, with outstanding sales consultants that understand every intimate detail of the Subaru range. No matter if you’re just browsing or actively buying, we’ll gladly demonstrate just how Subaru’s Confidence in Motion vision plays out in every feature and facet of each model.

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We promise Pure Driving Enjoyment. Subaru, Confidence in Motion.